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Profurl Furler System

In 1980 PROFURL developed its first furling system and then quickly became one of the pioneers of this technology, as well as the worldwide market leader. Today, thanks to its over 40 years of experience in the reefing-furling market, PROFURL is still considered as one of the major market players. Whatever is your sailing program (cruising, racing, off shore), the size of your boat or your budget you will always find the appropriate PRofURL product to equip your yacht. PROFURL's motto: Deliver the best of PRofURL technology to all their customers.

PROFURL systems are adapted to any kind of sailing program; off shore races, single handed races around the world, cruising...
Manual headsail reefing-furling systems for cruising and racing; Motorised headsail systems for big boats; In-boom furlers; flying sails furlers for racing and cruising and Stayfurlers for racing and fast cruising. Profurl furler system at Mauri Pro Sailing Store

Profurl Classic Furling Units
The Profurl Classic headsail systems are the world reference in blue water cruising and ocean racing. From Spitzberg to the Cape Horn, from West Indies to the antipodes, Profurl Classic models are "bullet proof" systems allowing safely facing any weather situations.

The PROFURL Classic reefing system with its unique appearance is unlike any other furling system. Only the finest materials are chosen to meet PROFURL's strict technical specifications. The result is PROFURL's legendary reputation. The drum is manufactured from unbreakable, unscratchable, UV resistant high impact plastic. It is open for easy furling line inspection. Its slippery surface and conical flanges also minimises any jamming. The strong stainless steel guard arms keep the furling line in the drum, should the line become slack during sail reefing.

Profurl EC Furlers
High performance, power and lightness...
What is a flying sails furler with drum?
A continuous line furler is designed for handling "flying sails" (gennaker, staysails, light jibs, etc.). Flying sails are sails that are not permanently rigged (unlike a genoa on a reefing system) and are stowed below when they are not used. Unlike a manual headsail reefing system, a furler only allows sailing with the sail completely unfurled. It does not allow sailing under reduced sail and does not contribute to supporting the mast. Drum furlers have a classic furling line like manual reefing-furling systems.

Profurl Furling Unit Special Offer
The Profurl B (Basic) Series Headsail Furling – Reefing Systems are the first products in the Profurl line with irreproachable quality. The basic systems have mainly been designed for coastal or semi-coastal cruisers. The Profurl B Series Headsail Furling Systems have been develoed in the same tradition as the Profurl Classic Headsail Furling-Reefing models, keeping the high tech sealed bearings, superior surface finish, patented wrap stop system and unparalllel reliability in the toughest ocean conditions.

Profurl Cruising Furling Units
Reliability, toughness and long-life: Profurl's Cruising range of reefing-furling systems are designed for coastal cruising, blue water cruising, or even sailing around the world. Cruising reefing-furling systems are designed to last and integrate the best of Profurl's proven technology to guarantee both your safety and your sailing pleasure.

NEX Profurl Generation
The Flying-sail furler for every sailor. Discover the NEX, Profurl's new generation of continuous-line, flying-sail furlers, developed through Profurl's know-how and R&D with input from some of today's greatest skippers to improve the performance of your yacht and ensure safe, optimum deployment of your flying sails. The NEX flying-sail furler enables you to sail with the correct sail fully deployed, and since it is easy to change, you can have the best sail in any wind conditions. The NEX is made for every sailor, professional or amateur.

Profurl Racing
Reliability, high performance and long-life: Profurl's Racing range of reefing-furling systems are designed for cruising/racing, regattas, blue water sailing or even offshore racing. Designed to last, Racing reefing-furling systems integrate the best of Profurl's proven technology to guarantee safe, enjoyable, high performance sailing.

We at Mauri Pro Sailing are fully committed to be your Profurl Furler System specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use web site but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Profurl Furler System please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!

PROSPR00018 - Profurl Locknut for P31 Link Plates M8 A2
Code: PROSPR00018
Original Price: $1.68
Price: $1.06
PROSPR05144 - Profurl Socket Set Screw M8x8 + Dog Point
Code: PROSPR05144
Original Price: $14.18
Price: $8.27
PROSPR05786 - Profurl SS Drum Cage Arms for R25
Code: PROSPR05786
Original Price: $68.36
Price: $39.81
PROSPR05798 - Profurl Link Plate Screw for R25
Code: PROSPR05798
Original Price: $18.80
Price: $10.96
PROSPR05801 - Profurl SS Holed Plate for R25
Code: PROSPR05801
Original Price: $34.65
Price: $20.19
PROSPR05805 - Profurl Bottom Bearing Holders for R25
Code: PROSPR05805
Original Price: $37.70
Price: $21.96
PROSPR05806 - Profurl Joining Torque Link for R25
Code: PROSPR05806
Original Price: $20.06
Price: $11.70
PROSPR05807 - Profurl Top Bearing Holderfor R25
Code: PROSPR05807
Original Price: $32.55
Price: $18.97
PROSPR05826 - Profurl Plastic Sleeves R25
Code: PROSPR05826
Original Price: $11.45
Price: $6.69
PROSPR05834 - Profurl Bottom Extrusion R25
Code: PROSPR05834
Original Price: $251.27
Price: $146.26
PROSPR05842 - Profurl Extrusion Only R25
Code: PROSPR05842
Original Price: $231.32
Price: $134.65
PROSPR05851 - Profurl Smooth Clevis Pin 8mm (5/16)
Code: PROSPR05851
Original Price: $24.99
Price: $14.57
PROSPR05853 - Profurl Smooth Clevis Pin 12mm (15/32)
Code: PROSPR05853
Original Price: $30.66
Price: $17.86
PROSPR05872 - Profurl Socket Set Screw M8x10 + Dogpoint
Code: PROSPR05872
Original Price: $10.08
Price: $5.88
PROSPR50000 - Profurl Top Bearing Holder Stop R25
Code: PROSPR50000
Original Price: $12.71
Price: $7.42
PROSPR50001 - Profurl Smooth Clevis Pin 10mm (3/8)
Code: PROSPR50001
Original Price: $28.77
Price: $16.78
PROSPR50002 - Profurl Smooth Clevis Pin 12mm (15/32)
Code: PROSPR50002
Original Price: $32.76
Price: $19.09
PROSPR50005 - Profurl Smooth Clevis Pin 11mm (7/16)
Code: PROSPR50005
Original Price: $30.24
Price: $17.62
PROSPR50009 - Profurl 8mm Plastic Washer for R25 Clevis
Code: PROSPR50009
Original Price: $3.15
Price: $1.86
PROSPR50257 - Profurl Screw M6x6 (Replaces 00052)
Code: PROSPR50257
Original Price: $2.10
Price: $1.24
PROSPRP01637 - Profurl Pre-Feeder for Any Double Grooved Feeder
Code: PROSPRP01637
Original Price: $242.13
Price: $140.95
PROSPRP139011 - Profurl Drum Mechanism R 25
Code: PROSPRP139011
Original Price: $448.56
Price: $261.08
PROSPRP139012 - Profurl Drum R25
Code: PROSPRP139012
Original Price: $121.80
Price: $70.91
PROSPRP139013 - Profurl Locked Screw R & RI 25
Code: PROSPRP139013
Original Price: $18.69
Price: $10.91
PROSPRP139021 - Profurl Swivel Mechanism for R 25
Code: PROSPRP139021
Original Price: $454.76
Price: $264.69
PROSPRP139029 - Profurl Swivel Bushings Kit for R 25
Code: PROSPRP139029
Original Price: $19.53
Price: $11.39
PROSPRP139111 - Profurl Short Link Plates for R 25
Code: PROSPRP139111
Original Price: $85.68
Price: $49.88
PROSPRP139211 - Profurl Long Link Plates for R 25
Code: PROSPRP139211
Original Price: $266.18
Price: $154.94
PROSPRP139212 - Profurl Threaded Clevis Pin with Nuts 5/16
Code: PROSPRP139212
Original Price: $60.59
Price: $35.29
PROSPRP139222 - Profurl Threaded Clevis Pin with Nuts 3/8
Code: PROSPRP139222
Original Price: $57.96
Price: $33.76
PROSPRP139232 - Profurl Threaded Clevis Pin with Nuts 7/16
Code: PROSPRP139232
Original Price: $57.96
Price: $33.76
PROSPRP139242 - Profurl Threaded Clevis Pin with Nuts 12mm
Code: PROSPRP139242
Original Price: $57.96
Price: $33.76
PROSPRP139252 - Profurl Threaded Clevis Pin with Nuts 1/2 for R25
Code: PROSPRP139252
Original Price: $82.64
Price: $48.11
PROSPRP141011 - Profurl Drum Mechanism for RI 25
Code: PROSPRP141011
Original Price: $733.53
Price: $426.94

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