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Profurl NEX Extra Thimbles



Luff ropes finished with Profurl lightweight stainless steel thimbles fit the exact inside dimension of the jaw on the furler for a clean finish at the tack and head. The thimble and luff rope quickly transfer the furling action from the drum to the luff for tight and even furling.

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PROP119907 - Profurl Extra Thimble for NEX 0.9
Code: PROP119907
Original Price: $33.50
Price: $25.86
PROP119908 - Profurl Extra Thimble for NEX 1.5
Code: PROP119908
Original Price: $38.50
Price: $29.72
PROPP542538 - Profurl Extra Thimble for NEX 2.5
Code: PROPP542538
Original Price: $119.90
Price: $92.53
PROPP545039 - Profurl Extra Thimble for NEX 5.0
Code: PROPP545039
Original Price: $209.90
Price: $162.00

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