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What is a flying sails furler with drum?
A continuous line furler is designed for handling "flying sails" (gennaker, staysails, light jibs, etc.). Flying sails are sails that are not permanently rigged (unlike a genoa on a reefing system) and are stowed below when they are not used. Unlike a manual headsail reefing system, a furler only allows sailing with the sail completely unfurled. It does not allow sailing under reduced sail and does not contribute to supporting the mast. Drum furlers have a classic furling line like manual reefing-furling systems.

System components:
  • A drum
  • An upper swivel
  • An anti-torsion cable (not supplied) placed in the sleeve of the sail. This cable is linked via cringles to the drum and halyard swivel, and provides the necessary rotation to furl the sail from bottom to top.
  • Improved yacht performance
  • Furlers improve yacht performance by optimising the luff of the sail and reducing the bulk and weight of the furling gear. They also make it easier to use the most appropriate sail for the conditions encountered, and so they contribute to optimising the boat's overall performance.

    Easy to install and use. The flying sail is raised and unfurled in a few minutes. Fixings under the drum (usually snap hooks) allow the system to be attached to a padeye on deck. The halyard is made fast to the swivel. All that remains is to hoist and unfurl the sail by hauling on the furling line. To lower the sail, furl it with the control line and lower it.

    Robust, maintenance-free systems. These systems are made from aluminium and dimensionally stable plastic, and chosen for their lightness and toughness. The drum and swivel mechanisms are fitted with sealed ball bearings packed in grease. They are totally impermeable to impurities such as water or sand.