Optimum Time Sailing Watches


Optimum Time OS Series

Optimum Time's OS Series offers sailing watches in a variety of styles. Optimum features racing watches for serious competitors and sailing watches that are equally at home on the boat and at the bar. Optimum Time's Series 3 sailing watch, the original "Big Yellow Watch", has now become accepted as "the badge" to wear for serious racers, while the Series 16 blends form with function for a sailing watch that is practical on the boat and stylish enough for the office. The full Optimum Time Sailing Watch range has an array of styles, sizes and functions that cater for all needs. In addition to the big, easy to read racing watches, Optimum Time also features a range of normal sized watches with programmed sailing functions. With every aspect of race timing covered plus every day watch modes, and without the clutter of confusing and unnecessary functions, Optimum Time has a sailing watch for every sailor.

Optimum Time Sailing Watch Features:

  • ISAF 5, 4, 1, 0 starting sequence program
  • 5 min or 3 min or 1 min programs
  • Countdown & repeat or Countdown and up
  • Count up from zero
  • Sync button for instant syncronisation if a gun is missed
  • Normal Timekeeping Mode