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Offshore Foul Weather Gear - Jackets & Trousers


Offshore Foul Weather Gear

Gill OS2 Jacket

About Gill OS2

A versatile performer capable of standing up to the toughest offshore and coastal conditions while keeping you dry and comfortable. The new OS2 is made from our hydrophobic, laminated moisture-management fabric that's 100% waterproof and windproof, also featuring a hydrophilic coated layer that transports moisture away from the skin. This durable 3 Dot fabric, creates an incredibly waterproof, windproof and breathable protective shell. This range is everything an offshore coastal suit needs to be.

Henri Lloyd Ultimate Cruiser

About Henri Lloyd Ultimate Cruiser

The Ultimate Cruiser is designed for the Coastal Cruisers who want the top protection from its TP2 fabric design that provides high breathability, reducing condensation and keeps you dry. The Henri Lloyd Jackets are also equiped with the OPTIVISION hood system that folds away into the fleece lined coller. 

Slam Force 3

About Slam Force 3

Slam Force 3 technology

The Slam Force 3 Offshore Jacket Features a highly visible roll-away hood with a reflective patch. Its pockets are microfleece lined with two external and two internal pockets. It features non-slide silicon grip on the trim. There is reflective tape on the sleeves and cuffs. The seat features reinforced nylon and the whole garmet is made with 2 layer Nylon Tussor- 100% Nylon.

Zhik Isotak Jacket

About Zhik Isotak

Isotak jacket designed for high performance racing, very high specification waterproofness and breathability, glued and taped seams, 1000+ Denier Cordura in high wearing zones, super durable water repellency, racing cut.

GILOS11J - Gill OS1 Jacket Foul Weather Gear
    Code: GILOS11J
    Price: $595.00
    GILOS11T - Gill OS1 Trousers
    Code: GILOS11T
    Price: $399.00
    GILOS22J - Gill OS2 Jacket
      Code: GILOS22J
      Price: $325.00
      GILOS22T - Gill OS2 Trousers
      Code: GILOS22T
      Price: $225.00
      ZHKJACKET811 - Zhik Isotak Jacket (Unisex)
        Code: ZHKJACKET811
        Price: $589.00
        ZHKSMOCK801 - Zhik Isotak Smock
          Code: ZHKSMOCK801
          Price: $459.00
          ZHKSMOCK802 - Zhik Isotak Reziseal Smock - Latex Seals
          Code: ZHKSMOCK802
          Price: $579.00
          ZHKSALOPETTE801 - Zhik Isotak Salopette (Unisex)
          Code: ZHKSALOPETTE801
          Price: $539.00
          HHN30327 - Helly Hansen Offshore Race Jacket
            Code: HHN30327
            Price: $650.00
            HHN31811 - Helly Hansen Offshore Race Trouser
            Code: HHN31811
            Price: $475.00
            HENY00296 - Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite Jacket
              Code: HENY00296
              Price: $750.00
              HENY10135 - Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite Hi-Fit
                Code: HENY10135
                Price: $600.00
                HENY00297 - Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite Racer Jacket
                  Code: HENY00297
                  Price: $725.00
                  HENY00340 - Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite Racer Smock
                  Code: HENY00340
                  Price: $700.00
                  HENY10157 - Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite Racer Salopette
                  Code: HENY10157
                  Price: $650.00
                  HENY00260 - Henri Lloyd Ultimate Cruiser Jacket
                    Code: HENY00260
                    Price: $279.00
                    SLAS170017S00 - SLAM Force 3 Jacket
                      Code: SLAS170017S00
                      Price: $300.00
                      SLAS171012S00 - SLAM Force 3 Long John
                        Code: SLAS171012S00
                        Price: $260.00
                        SLAS170025S00 - SLAM Force 4 Jacket
                          Code: SLAS170025S00
                          Price: $425.00
                          SLAS170024S00 - SLAM Force 4 Spray Top
                            Code: SLAS170024S00
                            Price: $395.00
                            SLAS171017S00 - SLAM Force 4 Long Johns
                              Code: SLAS171017S00
                              Price: $380.00

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