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Garmin Nexus NXR Instruments

NXR Multi Control Instrument

The NXR multi-channel allows you to display the information you want to see, such as boat speed, trip distance, water temperature, depth and more. You can set up to 4 pre-programmed pages and choose between red or green lights. The NXR Multi Control is available in Standard LCD and inverted LCD.

NXR XLR Instrument

The NXR large digit display is the mast instrument designed by Nexus specifically for the NXR instrumentation system. Fully programmable from the navigation workstation, the XLR displays incorporate a host of new features designed to maximise its utility to the Grand Prix racing crew. 


Designed for the international racing circuit, the NXR XL20 is designed to act as the central nervous system on high performance racing boats, and represents the best in state-of-the-art performance measurement and analysis. Its inverted LCD with high light output makes the display easy to read at night without the risk of losing night sight.

Garmin-Nexus NXR Analog Wind series

The Garmin-Nexus NXR Analog Wind series has 4 different analog displays which include the AWA, TWA, Steer Pilot, and the Speed Trim. The Analog Wind series visually impacts users with its clear screen and easy-to-read features.

NXR Packs

The Garmin-Nexus NXR Packs includes everything you need to get world class sailing information at the touch of a button.

NEX229911 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Multi Control instrument, inverted LCD
Code: NEX229911
Original Price: $1,040.00
Price: $819.00
NEX229912 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Multi Control instrument, Standard LCD
Code: NEX229912
Original Price: $1,040.00
Price: $819.00
NEX22992 - Garmin-Nexus NXR XLR Instrument with 1 ft. cable
Code: NEX22992
Original Price: $1,760.00
Price: $1,395.00
NEX23067 - Garmin-Nexus XL20 Pack with 1 ft. cable
Code: NEX23067
Original Price: $1,497.00
Price: $1,183.00
NEX231071 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Analog AWA Wind Instrument
Code: NEX231071
Original Price: $613.86
Price: $500.00
NEX231072 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Analog TWA Wind Instrument
Code: NEX231072
Original Price: $613.86
Price: $500.00
NEX231073 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Analog Steer Pilot
Code: NEX231073
Original Price: $613.86
Price: $500.00
NEX231074 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Analog Trim
Code: NEX231074
Original Price: $613.86
Price: $500.00
NEX699161 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Atlantic Pack
Code: NEX699161
Original Price: $6,959.00
Price: $5,005.00
NEX699162 - Garmin-Nexus NXR Pacific Pack
Code: NEX699162
Original Price: $7,200.00
Price: $5,460.00

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