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Garmin Nexus Additional Components

WSI Wireless Server Interface

The Wireless Server Interface (WSI) Connection Box forms the core of the NX instrumentation system; the central point at which all the data collected from the transducers is processed and then sent down a single cable to the Sea Data. The WSI communicates directly with the wireless Wind Transducer via a unique radio pairing, and the slim and compact box is quick and simple to install.

HPC Compass

HPC (Heel Pitch Compensated) solid state compass transducer combines accuracy and the ability to integrate with a wide range of navigational systems with a stylish, sophisticated and compact structure that requires minimal space and maintenance.  

MRC Box HP Compensated

The MRC Box enables compensation for wind angle on rotating masts. It measure the angle and direction of mast rotation, enabling the pilot to steer and the system to display true and apparent wind information, which is corrected to allow for mast rotation.

Race Box

The new RaceBOX gives the competitive advantage of Nexus race software in an affordable, compact and robust package. Interfacing with Nexus instruments via the Nexus Network, the RaceBOX provides sailors with a plethora of analytical information to existing Nexus instruments. A micro-processor facilitates processing abilities that were previously only available with a stand-alone computer.

NEX22927 - Garmin-Nexus WSI Wireless Server Interface
Code: NEX22927
Original Price: $249.99
Price: $227.50
NEX23003 - Garmin-Nexus HPC Compass with Heel, Pitch and Heading output
Code: NEX23003
Original Price: $599.99
Price: $546.00
NEX23105 - Garmin-Nexus MRC Box (Mast Rotation Compensation)
Code: NEX23105
Original Price: $900.00
Price: $819.00
NEX23300 - Garmin-Nexus Race Box
Code: NEX23300
Original Price: $549.99
Price: $500.00

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