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About Naush WIndsurf Boards

Wave- The Wave is a highly versatile board shape designed to deliver true surfing performance in essentially any wave condition around the world.It features added nose length for pop over white water and thinned-out rails for superior grip while bottom turning and smacking the lip.  Designed with a fast rocker, wing-pin tail and thruster fin set-up, the Wave delivers quick planing, outstanding board control and incredible rail-to-rail carving.

Starship-The Starship was designed for early planing, thrilling straight-line speed and easy, yet exciting, maneuverability. It rides super smooth in a wide range of conditions and allows riders the freedom to progress their skill level.

Freestyle-The Freestyle is designed for dedicated tricksters looking for a high performance freestyle board for competition and radical flatwater maneuvers. It is extremely lightweight and delivers incredible acceleration and pop.It features a double concave deck in the stance area which allows the rider to maintain an upright, centered stance for instant planing and a winger tail for fast maneuvering.

Bullet-The Bullet is designed for riders who want ultra-fast performance and total control at extremely high speeds.It features a molded carbon Deboichet SL7 fin, which provides blistering acceleration and maintains board control as speed increases.  The Bullet’s fast rocker line amplifies early planing and delivers limitless top-end speed potential.

GT- The GT is the perfect board for freeride sailors who crave quick planing and smooth jibing.It features an incredibly versatile shape that is easy to ride and has an exceptionally stable feel. The GT’s rocker line provides board control, fast acceleration onto a plane and easy jibing at both low and high speeds.It is also available in Sport technology for those who want the GT shape in a value construction

Kailu- The Kailua is the ideal board for novice sailors of all weights and sizes who want unmatched stability to learn the basics of windsurfing in both planing and non-planing conditions.It features a full EVA deck and an integrated nose bumper for maximum durability and long lasting use.  The Kailua’s rocker line amplifies early planing and makes jibing extremely easy for beginner windsurfers.It is also available in SE technology with an easy-to-repair, non-skid deck, making it the perfect entry level board for schools and rental centers.

NAI14WWBCW70 - Naish 2014 Wave Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBCW70
Price: $2,599.00
NAI14WWBST090 - Naish 2014 Starship Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBST090
Price: $1,899.00
NAI14WWBFS090 - Naish 2014 Freestyle Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBFS090
Price: $2,499.00
NAI14WWBBU095 - Naish 2014 Bullet Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBBU095
Price: $2,899.00
NAI14WWBGT120 - Naish 2014 GT Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBGT120
Price: $2,129.00
NAI14WWBGTS120 - Naish 2014 GT Sport Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBGTS120
Price: $1,799.00
NAI14WWBK140 - Naish Kailua Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBK140
Price: $1,649.00
NAI14WWBKSE160 - Naish Kailua SE Windsurf Board
Code: NAI14WWBKSE160
Price: $1,600.00

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