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Naish makes a wide variety of Windsurfing sails. From the Scout and Cruz sail that are perfect for Beginners to the and recreational riders to the High performance Indy and Bullet sails, Naish has the sail to fit your needs.


The Scout SE is a durable, easy handling sail for beginner windsurfers, centers and schools.Designed to make entry-level sailing easy and fun, the Scout has a responsive shape that works well for riders of all shapes and sizes. It features a high quality, long-lasting construction using traditional Dacron and PVC. It also has a pocket to store the batten and a clew strap so the sail can be rolled around the mast when not in use.


The Chopper is a revolutionary, ultra-low aspect wave sail for riders who push the limits of surfing and rotational maneuvers.  It features a 4 batten, ultra-compact outline that fits one 370 mast in all four sizes.The Chopper packs more power per square meter than any other sail in the range and offers superb handling to make landing radical aerial maneuvers and wave riding exceptionally easy.


The Boxer is the ultimate compact sail for those who want to mix waveriding and freestyle sailing.Designed with a low aspect ratio and compact outline, it features a new Fusion construction which makes it an incredibly light, easy handling sail that is exceptionally durable to endure pounding surf and radical freestyle tricks.


The Vibe is designed for riders looking for an easy handling wave sail with a soft feel, wide wind range and true all-around performance.It features a new Fusion construction, which makes the Vibe exceptionally lightweight and durable.  It is the ideal choice for lighter riders, sideshore surf conditions and bump & jump freeride sailing.


The Moto is an easy to handle, all-around sail with a light feel for riders looking for wave, bump & jump and freeride versatility.Designed with a forgiving, soft-twisting leech and slightly deeper foil, the Moto delivers solid power and early planing.


The Force R1 is a versatile wave sail that is perfect for riders who demand acceleration, power and controlled handling in offshore, sideshore and onshore surf conditions.It is designed with a stable, locked-in power shape that is defined by twin scrim luff panels, 5 battens and a reduced aspect ratio.  This design combination delivers exceptional acceleration, early planing and even pressure to both hands.  The Force R1 is the wave sail of choice for Robby Naish.


Designed for freeride performance, the Cruz is ideal for riders looking for versatility and simplicity in an all-around no-cam sail.  The Cruz is made with a monofilm construction, horizontal panel layout and Kevlar scrim leech for fast acceleration, user-friendly handling and durability.


The Bullet is a state-of-the-art slalom/race sail for high performance sailors who demand maximum speed and total control.Designed utilizing Naish’s highly developed 3D shaping and exclusive Carbontech construction, the Bullet features a deep, powerful draft and a clean, aerodynamic shape for powerful acceleration and blistering speed.


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