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Naish RDM Mast Feature a reduced Diameter, SDM Masts are standard Diameter.

Filament-Wound Technology

Naish’s state-of-the-art precision computer-controlled technology guarantees the precise placement of carbon fiber and e-glass in side-by-side helix on all of
its filament-wound masts.

Pre-Preg Technology

Pre-impregnation represents the cutting edge of composite manufacturing. A specially-formulated resin system is introduced to the carbon, glass and aramid fiber matrix under controlled laboratory conditions, and then thermoset to ensure 100% curing. That means no excess resin and the strongest possible final matrix. The resulting layup is lightweight, durable, and extremely consistent from mast to mast.

NAI13MMR170 - Naish Mini-Ripper Mast 170-230 (w/cleat base)  Mast
Code: NAI13MMR170
Price: $75.00
NAI13SDM60400 - Naish SDM 60 Mast (incl: mast bag)
Code: NAI13SDM60400
Price: $395.00
NAI13SDM90430 - Naish SDM 90 Mast (incl: mast bag)
Code: NAI13SDM90430
Price: $630.00
NAI13RDM60340 - Naish RDM 60 Mast (incl: mast bag)
Code: NAI13RDM60340
Price: $400.00
NAI13RDM90340 - Naish RDM 90 Mast (incl: mast bag)
Code: NAI13RDM90340
Price: $630.00

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