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About the Naish Crossover inflatable Paddleboard

The Naish Inflatable Crossover Air Paddleboard is an incredibly versatile design for both windsurfing and stand-up paddling.The Crossover Air 11’0’’ is an incredibly versatile inflatable board for both windsurfing and stand-up paddling.It features an M8 universal insert for attaching a windsurfing rig and offers outstanding sailing performance in light to moderate wind conditions.  It also has a slide-in dagger fin for upwind performance regardless of wind strength.For stand-up paddling, the Crossover is designed with a low rocker, narrow outline and added thickness for directional stability and long glides.  This makes it the ideal SUP for flatwater cruising and longboard style wave riding.

About the Naish Mana Inflatable Paddleboard

The Naish Mana Paddleboard is a full body, mega-stable, wide-style design for any size rider learning the basics, all-around cruising and wave riding. The Mana Air 11’6″ features a mega-stable, full body design making it the most stable and rigid performance-oriented inflatable designed for any size rider at any skill level.

About the Naish Nalu Inflatable Paddleboard

A longboard that is designed for directional stability, all-around cruising and wave riding. The Nalu Air 11'0" features a world-renowned Nalu design for directional gliding, touring and longboard wave riding. It has a long, narrow outline and added thickness for paddling confort and directional stability. The progressive rocker line provides longboard maneuverability for the surf.

About the Naish Alana Inflatable Paddleboard

An easy-to-carry, women's design for directional stability and all-around cruising. The Alana Air 10’6″ features a smaller-scale, wide-style design for women wanting a stable, all-around, easy-to-carry board. It features a progressive rocker line for maneuverability and a thinner profile to make it easy to carry.

About the Naish ONE Inflatable Paddleboard

The ultimate inflatable board for all-around cruising, long distance touring and N1SCO one design racing. It features a sleek race outline, 30 inches of width and 6 inches of thickness for incredible rigidity, stability and speed. It also has an integrated number guide on the deck pad for referencing proper stance position.



NAI14SUP3M100A6 - Naish 2014 Mana Air  Inflatable Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP3M100A6
Price: $1,359.00
NAI14SUP3N102A4 - Naish 2014 Nalu Air  Inflatable Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP3N102A4
Price: $1,149.00
NAI14SUP3A106A4 - Naish 2014 Alana Air  Inflatable Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP3A106A4
Price: $1,179.00
NAI14SUP3O126A6 - Naish ONE  Inflatable Paddleboard
Code: NAI14SUP3O126A6
Price: $1,299.00

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