Naish Kiteboarding Footstraps


Naish Kiteboarding - Footstrap Overview

Naish Apex Binding

The Naish Apex footstrap is designed with maximum adjustment settings and superior comfort for feet of any size and shape. It is the ultimate ergonomic binding for all styles of twin-tip riding.

Key Features

  • Micro Duck Angle Adjustment
  • Light Triple Density Molded Footbed
  • Maximum adjustment settings for feet of any size and shape

Naish Digit Bindings

The Naish Digit footstraps was developed with simplicity in mind and features multiple angle options and lateral support. It is a proven design that is easy to use and comfortable for any size foot.

Key Features

  • Multiple angle options
  • Dual velcro adjusters
  • Soft ergonomic top-foot interface
  • High grip
  • Triple Density foot bed

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