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About Naish Fins

Replacement Fins for Naish SUP boards. You can find the correct fin for your board on the tech info tab of the board product pages.


NAI14SUP5INF - Naish SUP Fin 10.0" Air Series
Price: $26.00
NAI14SUP5F1FCS - Naish SUP FCS Quad Fins LE (set of 4)
Price: $85.00
NAI14SUP5F190ST - Naish SUP Fin US 9.0" Soft Top
Code: NAI14SUP5F190ST
Price: $28.00
NAI14SUP5F2FCS - Naish SUP FCS Side Fins (set of 2)
Price: $55.00
NAI14SUP5F255GT - Naish SUP Fin US 5.5" GT
Code: NAI14SUP5F255GT
Price: $100.00
NAI14SUP5F265GT - Naish SUP Fin US 6.5" GT
Code: NAI14SUP5F265GT
Price: $100.00
NAISUP122F090AST - Naish SUP Fin US 9.0" AST
Code: NAISUP122F090AST
Price: $115.00
NAI14SUP5F295GS - Naish SUP Fin US 9.5" GS
Code: NAI14SUP5F295GS
Price: $100.00
NAI14SUP5F2105GT - Naish SUP Fin US 10.5" GT
Code: NAI14SUP5F2105GT
Price: $130.00
NAI14SUP5F2105GS - Naish SUP Fin US 10.5" GS
Code: NAI14SUP5F2105GS
Price: $115.00
NAI14SUP5F295GX - Naish SUP Fin US 9.5" GX
Code: NAI14SUP5F295GX
Price: $130.00
NAI14SUP5F2115GX - Naish SUP Fin US 11.5" GX
Code: NAI14SUP5F2115GX
Price: $130.00
NAI14SUP5F2115GS - Naish SUP Fin US 11.5" GS
Code: NAI14SUP5F2115GS
Price: $115.00
NAI14SUP5F975WGX - Naish SUP Fin US 9.75" Weed GX
Code: NAI14SUP5F975WGX
Price: $145.00

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