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About NP Edge Wetsuits

The edge line of wetsuits represent NP's top of the line wetsuits. available in Blue and Black, the NP Edge wetsuits use 5mm, 4mm and 3mm neoprene for maximim warmth and flexability.

About NP Mission Westuits

About NP Mission Wetsuits are designed to be as flexible as possible to be used in mutiple sports. They feature seamless sholder panels and 100% apex neoprenes.  The Mission provides the ultimate combination of warmth and flexibility.

About NP Rise and Spark Wetsuits

Your ticket to affordable performance. They features high-stretch Apex-Flex neoprene in critical zones allowing for great flexibility and strategically placed seams to achieve a high level of comfort.

NPCWNNMUD426 - NP Rise Full 3/2mm
    Code: NPCWNNMUD426
    Price: $129.99
    NPCWNNMUD432 - NP Women's Spark Full 3/2mm
      Code: NPCWNNMUD432
      Price: $129.99
      NPCWNNSUD412 - NP Edge Full 5/4/3mm
        Code: NPCWNNSUD412
        Price: $389.99
        NPCWNNSUD414 - NP Mission Full 5/4/3mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD414
          Price: $319.99
          NPCWNNSUD415 - NP Mission Full 4/3mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD415
          Price: $299.99
          NPCWNNSUD416 - NP Mission Full Short Sleeve 3/2mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD416
          Price: $244.99
          NPCWNNSUD418 - NP Mission Full Front Zip Hooded 6/5/4mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD418
          Price: $349.99
          NPCWNNSUD419 - NP Mission Full Front Zip  5/4/3mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD419
          Price: $319.99
          NPCWNNSUD420 - NP Mission Full Front Zip  4/3mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD420
          Price: $299.99
          NPCWNNSUD421 - NP Mission Springsuit Long Sleeve Front Zip  3/2mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD421
          Price: $199.99
          NPCWNNSUD425 - NP Rise Full 5/4/3mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD425
          Price: $199.99
          NPCWNNSUD431 - NP Women's Spark Full 5/4/3mm
          Code: NPCWNNSUD431
          Price: $199.99
          NPCWNNWDC653 - NP Eclipse Full Semi-Dry 5/4/3mm
          Code: NPCWNNWDC653
          Price: $399.99

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