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About NP Neoprene hoods

When combined with a wetsut, these NP neoprene hoods help keep your head warm in cold water conditions. All of the NP neoprene hoods feature antrimicrobial bamboo charcoal linings and glued, blindstitched seams. The 3mm Pro hood features a skirt that goes under the wetusit, ensuring that there isn't a gap between the hood and suit. These Neoprene hoods are perfect for people who already have a wetsuit and want the warmth of a hooded wesuit without the need of purchasing a whole suit, and while retaining the ability to take the hood off in warmer conditions. The Pro hood and cap feature visors that keep the sun out.

About NP Watersports Helmets

The NP Surf helmet is an increasingly popular product that keeps kiteboards and sailors safe on the water. Made for use in a watersports enviorment, the NP Helmet is great for protection from the boom of a boat or from board strikes.

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