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All of the NP Neoprene booties feature a Bamboo Charcoal inner Sole. Bamboo Charcoal is best known for its inherent antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, but few are aware of the Far Infrared Ray (FIR) reflecting ability of this unique material. The fabric reflects the body's FIRs back to the wearer, resulting in reduced fatigue, quicker warm-up time and improved regeneration. This natural fiber is woven into our bootie lining. Other Features of NP Boots include the Heel-Hold box that gives  heel / ankle area and preventing the boot from rolling on the foot and the N-Grip Sol, a Neoprene layer for comfort and N-Grip outer sole to give the natural bare-foot feel required for direct contact with the board. Mandy of the NP Booties also feature Easy Enntry Velcro Openings For easy integration with wetsuit ankle closures.

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