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Junior 8’6

This board is the ideal board for kids and teenagers from 5 -16 years old. It has all the advantages of an inflatable board and its lightness, makes it easy to take with you in a backpack on weekends and holidays and a real pleasure to ride. Identical to the 8’6” Wave, this version has a single fin.

11’5“ Adventure 

The 11’5” became an instant bestseller and is a real All Round board, perfect for rental centers and SUP schools. With parallel edges, this smooth running, directionally stable board is 80cm (31.5”) wide, making it a very secure board on the water and very easy and stable to paddle. With its excellent price to performance ratio, the 11’5” is an ideal family and friends board and a great vehicle for cruising in all conditions. This board is a compact Cross Over board that will satisfy anyone from flat water in the lake or river to choppy water conditions in the sea. The board is stable enough to carry young family members or your dog while paddling.

The 11’5” has an outer shell structure, consisting of two layers and features a heavier military grade 860 g/m2 drop-stitch material for the 11’5” replacing the 650 g/m2 used for other iSUPs, making it the toughest board in the Mistral iSUP family.

Its dual Cargo Net allows extensive touring and camping trips allowing you to easily secure bags under these nets. The US fin box is compatible with any standard fin available on the market.

Wave 8’6

This board was designed specifically to start riding waves and leaves the ambitious wave surfer with nothing to be desired. It turns radically and still has enough volume to have fun on small waves. You in a backpack on weekends and holidays and a real pleasure to ride.

Wave 9’8“

An ideal wave SUP having a medium volume of 159lts and a length of 9’8” it is the perfect choice for lightweight women and teenager riders. The Mistral high-tech construction makes this an extremely reliable board, offering incredible rigidity and minimum distortion. Surfing this board is a breeze, so it is the ideal tool for paddlers looking for fun and recreation. A very versatile board in our iSUP collection, with a weight of just over 9kg! The Wave 9’8” is ideal for small waves, yet remains a very versatile board for all round free riding and cruising.

Inflatable M1 12’6“

This speedy All Rounder and immediate bestseller enjoys a worldwide fan base already, and has proven to be an extremely fast board. Due to its excellent hydrodynamic properties and its incredible lightness, paddling becomes a unique power-saving adventure. With a length of 385cm, the M1 12’6” only weighs 10.5kg. Its volume distribution makes this board a stable, fast glider. Even though it is designed for shallow waters, this long-board catches waves easily, giving you the best fun you can have on the water. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced expert, you will enjoy fast paddling without any difficulty.

Inflatable M1 14’0“

The M1 14’0 is a real Cruiser board and the first of its size to be produced. These boards are a pure joy on the water and weigh only 11.5kg. With uncompromising design and attention to detail, featuring grab handles, stowage systems, towing and leash rings, paddle tie downs, reinforced stress areas and incredible speed potential, they are the ideal directionally stable long boards for competing, cruising and downwind traveling and paddling adventures. The M1s performance, quality and lightness make it the ideal performance paddling travel companion!

216“ BIGSUP 

The Mistral BIG SUP has already proved to be an instant attraction at water sport events or during company incentive events. It is so much fun to paddle with 6-8 people on the same board and whenever there is a 2nd BIG SUP on the water, you see families and friends having fun racing against each other. This board, with an incredible length of 5.50m x 1.50m width and 20cm thickness, is the ideal fun family board. Originally designed for competitive team racing (2 teams x 10) this giant has already taken Europe by storm in the last few years.

The BIG SUP has already become a permanent highlight in all One Design regattas and SUP Race events. For an unforgettable time in the waves with your friends, whether competing or just having fun while swimming with your friends!

There are inflatables on the market with a smaller price tag but remember, you always get what you pay for! As you trust the board that keeps you afloat it is wise to do your home work first and make sure the board you are buying is strong, very durable, well constructed and a reliable travel companion. Mistral inflatable SUP boards are made using heavy duty pvc, hardened rubber materials and have multiple layers of urethane, polymer and uv protection to create a protective barrier around a drop stitch core.

With drop stitch construction, thousands of fine polyester threads connect both the top and bottom layers, creating a stronger link that can withstand much higher pressures. Higher pressure make for a more rigid floor, which can enhance paddling performance. This process creates a highly durable and extremely rock-hard rigid inflatable board offering a ride very similar to a regular hard board.

The Mistral inflatables are very durable and light to carry and can be used for a variety of paddling, from entry level cruising to speed racing and from paddling in the surf to beginners in SUP (rental) centers. These exceptional SUPs are easily stored in apartments, in the overhead compartments of planes or in the back of your car.

All Mistral iSUPs are supplied with:

  • High-pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
  • repair kit
  • Sturdy indestructible backpack with air vents and padded strap

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