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Red Dot 10' 0"

The Evolution 10’0“ is a hybrid model, designed for paddlers who like to mix catching waves with short distance cruising on flat-water. At 34” wide, the board is extremely stable so that you feel comfortable during your first paddling attempts. An ideal board for SUP schools, rental centers and new paddlers wanting to learn the basics of stand up paddling and advance their skills to the next level. The thruster fin system provides added directional stability across a wide range of conditions and the clear shape with added rocker is designed for aximum fun. Tail kicker only supplied with 10’0“ model. All Red Dot Evolution boards are supplied with fins, leash insert, windsurfing mast foot box, carry handle, bungee cord inserts and crocodile EVA pads.

Red Dot 10’9"

The Evolution 10’9” board is a high volume Cross model designed for exploring lakes and flat waterways transitioning comfortably Between small and medium sized waves. The shape and the unbreakable construction make this board very durable. The shape of the long parallel rails will give you maximum glide and flow on the water, ultimately providing a great SUP feeling. Its stable dimensions, Provide the inexperienced paddler the security they need in choppy conditions. Super easy to paddle. This is the real Mistral all condition board!

Red Dot 11' 6"

This is the star of the Red Dot family. The Evolution 11’6” is the ultimate expedition board for long haul missions over flat-water, suitably stable for fitness training and very comfortable for heavy paddlers wanting a stable board. A real multi-purpose vehicle. At 265 lts, this board is popular with SUP schools, rental centers, beginners and the more adventurous paddler. It only takes a few easy strokes to get the 11’6” up and running, even for first time paddlers. While primarily a flat-water SUP, this board should also be considered for heavier paddlers who want to take their paddling to the ocean and the surf.

Bermuda 9' 9"

The concave nose of all of our Bermuda boards creates added lift when traveling over water and prevents nose-diving. The boards are design inspired by he classic long-board form. With a slightly narrower tail, this board glides well in the waves, allowing quicker, faster turns. This is the board for riders searching or the more radical feel of that of a shorter board, while keeping a feeling of stability.

Bermuda 10' 7"

For more advanced paddlers, a great Cruiser, Wave and All Round board. This board provides the perfect combination of ease of paddling, aneuverabilityand stability. The flat deck curve gives the rider confidence when paddling. You can really rip with this board, also in the bigger waves.

Bermuda 11' 9"

A versatile, stable, beginner board! This is the ideal All Round board for SUP rental centers and resorts. Its versatility extends to being fun to use with or ithout the addition of a sail and whether paddling or sailing, everyone can have fun with this board. Its long waterline provides excellent glide for open ocean, river or lake use.

Diamond Head 8' 6"

This wave board will satisfy the more extreme wave rider, allowing you to ride in a variety of wave conditions. The 8’6” is a fast and responsive board and board of choice for those looking for the best a wave surfing SUP board can offer. This radical board for experts is characterized by its great ability to maneuver. Holding the pressure in hollow waves, its sharp rails situated towards its fish tail, will give you all the necessary drive and control. Small enough to rip, the board is easy to paddle with its flat deck and balanced volume.

Diamond Head 9'2"

An outstanding Wave board for medium to experienced riders looking for a reliable wave board which can surf small to medium and even big waves. These boards are all equipped with windsurfing rig attachment options, so that if the wind kicks in, you can easily make the switch to wind power. An outstanding wave board for medium to experienced riders.

Malibu 9' 8"

This board is designed as a compact Cross Over board that will satisfy the flat waterway enthusiast through to the most capable of wave riders. From entry level riders to experts, from medium to heavy weights and from small to big size waves. Ideally for paddlers who like to trade flat water for surf on a regular basis. Shape: very easy to paddle thanks to its large flat deck. This board offers great stability, due to the generous width and volume of the rails in the central area. To ensure maximum manoeuvrability in the waves, a full rocker will allow you to carve without losing speed and acceleration. The classic round pin tail, 50-50 round rails and round v-bottom will help you to keep your drive smooth in the curve. The concave nose will significantly improve your balance when riding on the nose of the board.

Malibu 10' 6"

The Malibu 10‘6“ is populair for paddlers up to 100 kg or 220 pounds who want a light and compact board for a variety of conditions. Performance in leisure is all about about instantly having fun and being able to go out in the widest possible range of conditions. This tolerant all-water shape will give you the ability to go out no matter what. It forgives any bad feet positioning or turning techniques. A reliable companion for expeditions, cruising or workout training. You can try freestyle windsurfing as well and it is also the perfect board to take the kids on a tour. With a weight of just over 10 kg or 23 pounds it is a very easy board to handle out of the water and onto the car.

Malibu 10' 6"

Being the most stable board on the water, the Malibu 11‘0“ is the ideal choice for riders up to 140 kg or 300 pounds wanting stability for small surf or having fun while flat water cruising or just taking the kids or dog out on a tour - even entry level windsurfing or old school freestyle windsurfing is possible. At almost 34 inches wide and 240 liters, it paddles smoothly through the water with little resistance and is easy to manoever. Also suitable for a tandem cruise.

Take Off 8'0"

This new board is Mistral's narrowest and most radical Wave SUP board in our collection, designed for expert and pro riders looking for high performance, top-level maneuverability in the waves. “After 6 years of design and testing Robin Johnston has collaborated with Mistral to create this remarkably responsive production 8’0”. All the prototype research Jonston did while competing on the Stand Up World Tour combined with Mistral‘s board building technology got the world excited about what may be the most progressive production board on the market. Created for a variety of waves and accelerated performance, the 8‘0“ World Tour Model will take your wave riding beyond expectations.

Mistral Ventura

The Ventura is a very stable, fast cruising shape that is fantastic to ride in all water conditions. Thanks to its streamlined, wave piercing nose shape the Cruiser quickly accelerates with each paddle stroke taken. The Mistral ‘Axe Bow’ is an original Mistral design, which enables the board to cut like an axe through water. Together with flowing hull lines it simply makes the board glide faster and improves the ride.

Mistral M1 Pro Open Ocean Downwind Racer

Mistral’s new Open Ocean Downwind boards, open up a world of possibilities in harnessing nature’s elements of wind and water. Born on the winds of time, Mistral takes its name from France’s famous Mistral Wind and so it is only natural we should seek to exploit the winds energy in producing SUP boards specific to the task of embracing this high performance, exhilarating, discipline enjoyed the world over.

Mistral M2 Flatwater Racer

The M2 full carbon race board is one of the lightest, fastest on the market, for pro-riders and experts, with an average board weight of 8.6kg (12’6”) and 9.3 kg (14’0). Designed with flat-water and speed in mind, the conic hull shape brings in a great blend of acceleration and effortless gliding. Mistral has fused the positive gliding characteristics of a racing kayak with those of a surfboard. 

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