Spinnaker Halyards: Racing

Rigging Service Splicing


RACING SPINNAKER HALYARD: For the serious racer, when weight savings and zero elongation is needed. Built from 100% Dyneema core line (with polyester cover) and the appropriate Tylaska shackle. Line size varies from 8mm (5/16") to 11mm (7/16"). Option for full cover or tapered.

Line, Shackle, Stopper Ball, Eye splice or Luggage Tag Splice (if tapered) and Messenger Loop


Halyard Length Line Diameter Shackle
13.4m (44 ft) to 30.5m (100 ft) 8 mm
5/16 in.
19.5m (64 ft) to 39.0m (128 ft) 10 mm
3/8 in.
25.6m (84 ft) to 50.0m (164 ft) 11 mm
7/16 in.

Delivery time: Turn around for Halyards is 2 to 3 business days, plus shipping.

Splicing Code (no taper):
MPR110 + MPR105 + Stopper Ball
Splicing Code (taper): MPR111 + MPR115 + MPR105 + Stopper Ball

Note: 5" Luggage Tag for MPR116