Genoa Halyards: Performance

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PERFORMANCE GENOA HALYARD: For performance cruising or entry level club racing. Built out of Dyneema core line (with polyester cover) and Tylaska mainsail shackle. Line size varies from 8mm (5/16") to 11mm (7/16").

INCLUDES: Line, Shackle, Eye Splice and Messenger Loop.


Halyard Length Line Diameter Shackle
13.4m (44 ft) to 30.5m (100 ft) 8 mm
5/16 in.
19.5m (64 ft) to 39.0m (128 ft) 10 mm
3/8 in.
25.6m (84 ft) to 50.0m (164 ft) 11 mm
7/16 in.

Delivery time: Turn around for Halyards is 2 to 3 business days, plus shipping.

Splicing Code:
MPR110 + MPR105