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ANTI-TORSION LINES (Gennaker and Code Zero Luff Torsion Line)
Anti-Torsion Line is used in headsail and top down spinnaker furlers. The furling is controlled by the furler drum at the bottom of the sail. The turing force is transmitted through the length of the ProDrive cable to turn the swivel which is connected to the head of the sail. The tack of the sail is connected to a freely floating point on the drum of the furling unit. The turning force acting at the top of the sail only, causes the head of the sail to furl first and ensures the sail furls down the cable neatly. Mauri Pro Rigging Anti-Torsion Lines uses high quality Marlow ProDrive Torsion Furling Line

  • Fast, easy and even furling
  • Faster sail changes
  • Economic option for multiple head sails
  • Integrates effortlessly with any furling unit
  • UV and abrasion resistant.

  • Currency:
    MPRATL07 - Anti Torsion Line for Furlers - 7 mm
    Code: MPRATL07
    Original Price: $4.90
    Price: $4.28
    MPRATL09 - Anti Torsion Line for Furlers - 9 mm
    Code: MPRATL09
    Original Price: $8.06
    Price: $7.06
    MPRATL11 - Anti Torsion Line for Furlers - 11 mm
    Code: MPRATL11
    Original Price: $11.82
    Price: $10.35
    MPRATL13 - Anti Torsion Line for Furlers - 13 mm
    Code: MPRATL13
    Original Price: $14.67
    Price: $12.84
    MPRATL15 - Anti Torsion Line for Furlers - 15 mm
    Code: MPRATL15
    Original Price: $24.29
    Price: $21.25

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