Lewmar Pro Fish Windlasses



Lewmar Pro-Fish

The Pro-Fish models is the ultimate windlass for fisherman. The Pro-fish has an automatic freefall that allows you to pull right up over a wreck or ledge, and drop anchor with speed and precision. No more running your motor or wasting fuel while you "hover fish". And you can retrieve your anchor just as easily, with the push of a button. Plus, the Pro-Fish is DIY-ready and made of durable 100% 316 stainless steel.

The Lewmar Pro Fish Windlasses feature a redesigned control arm and new rope guard and gypsy that work flawlessly with lead line and will also be available as an upgrade kit for existing Pro-Series windlasses.

Product Features:

  • All stainless design
  • Automatic freefall mechanism
  • NEW guard optimises performance with rope
  • NEW gypsy design for lead line applications
  • Powerful motor providing fast line speed
  • Manual emergency recovery equipped – all you need is a common 1/2" socket wrench

Kit Includes:

  • Windlass
  • Base Gasket Seal
  • Fast Mounting Studs
  • Installation Wrench
  • Circuit breaker
  • Dual-Direction solenoid
  • Rocker Switch
Model Max Chain Motor
Motor Power Max Pull Working Load Limit Max Line Speed Normal Current Draw Circuit Breaker Weight
Pro-Fish 700 7mm
(1/4 in)
12 V 500 watt 320kg
(700 lb)
(175 lb)
32 m/min
(105 ft/min)
35 amp 50 amp 8.5kg
(19 lb)
Pro-Fish 1000 8mm
(5/16 in)
12 V 700 watt 454 kg
(1000 lb)
(250 lb)
32 m/min
(105 ft/min)
50 amp 70 amp 9.5kg
(21 lb)
Product No Description Chain Rope
6656211967-310 Pro-Fish 700 Kit 6mm DIN 766, 7mm DIN 766, 1/4" ISO G4, 1/4" BBB 12mm (1/2") 3-strand and 8-plait
6656411198-311 Pro-Fish 1000 Kit 8mm DIN 766, 5⁄16" BBB, 8mm ISO 4565 14-16mm (9/16-5/8") 3-strand and 8-plait (5/8 only)
6656411199-311 1 Pro-Fish PB 14-16 mm (9/16-5/8") Lead-core line 14-16 mm (9/16-5/8") Lead-core line