Lewmar NTR Size 3 Beam TracksLewmar


Lewmar Size 3 NTR Beam Tracks

Beam track is used when spanning cockpits and across companion way hatches. Three fixing bolts should always be used either side of the span and washers fitted under the head of the bolt between the tracks and deck. The stated range is up to 70' (21.3m) with end-boom sheeting or 60' (18.2m) for mid-boom sheeting or multihull use. In this size range it is recommend that you consider more information like mainsheet purchase, sail area and deck construction to ensure proper fit.

LEW29163315 - Lewmar Size 3 (35mm) Beam Track (1.5 M)
Code: LEW29163315
Original Price: $215.30
Price: $155.00
(You Save: $60.30)
LEW29163320 - Lewmar Size 3 (35mm) Beam Track (2.0 M)
Code: LEW29163320
Original Price: $286.00
Price: $205.90
(You Save: $80.10)
LEW29163330 - Lewmar Size 3 (35mm) Beam Track (3.0 M)
Code: LEW29163330
Original Price: $428.50
Price: $308.50
(You Save: $120.00)

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