Lewmar Circuit Breakers


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The Lewmar Circuit Breakers fit a variety of winch and windlass models. Please refer to selection guide below for details.

Product No. Description Use With Windlass
68000603 25A Pro-Sport
68000604 35A V700
68000348 50A Pro-Sport/ Pro-Fish 700W - CPX2/V2 24V - C3 24V
68000240 70A Pro-Sport/ Pro-Fish 1000W - CPX0 500W - C3 12V
68000349 90A CPX0 700W/ CPX1/ V1 - CPX2/ V2 12V - CPX3/ V3 24V - H2 12V - H3 24V
68000350 110A CPX3/ V3 12V - CPX4/ V4/ V5 24V - H3 12V - C4/ C5 24V
68000351 150A CPX4/ V4 12V - V5 12V - V6 24V - C4 / C5 12V
68000894 200A V8 2.5kW
68000895 250A V8 3.5kW