Kiteboarding Kite Pumps


About Kiteboarding Pumps

Mauri Pro offers modern high-speed pumps that will get your gear in perfect condition and you out on the water in no time. Mauri Pro features kiteboard pumps by Best, Cabrinha and Naish. These pumps will help to inflate your kites in the most efficient and quickest times so you can spend less time preparing and more time on the water.

Our kiteboard pumps are easy and quick to use. Each pump is designed to work specifically with that brand's kites

About Best Kiteboarding Pumps

Best Kitboarding launched in 2003 driven by a love for kiteboarding. Best challenges the status quo and brings innovation to eveything they do. All Best equipment is built to last and easily repaired. Best welcomes initiatives to improve and understands that mistakes are a part of trying hard and getting better.

A rider who never crashes is a rider who never tried to jump. Best is focused entirely on kiteboarding is driven by an endless obsession with kiting.

To help you inflate your kites in double quick time Best has created a new high volume, double action pump. It's big, tough, bright red and comes with a selection on nozzles to inflate every Best kite including the new Twist Lock Valve equipped EZ-Pump models.

About Cabrinha Kiteboarding Pumps

Since 2000, Cabrinha has climbed the ranks to take the position as the leading kitesurfing brand, selling in over 40 countries worldwide. By keeping an open mind to all styles of riding and embracing new technologies, Cabrinha has been able to lead kitesurfing into a new era of performance.

Cabrinha's research and development facility in Maui is perfectly situated for testing in any and all wind and water conditions. This, combined with state of the art production facility, assures consistency and accuracy from design to production

The Sprint Inflation system with Airlock is the most efficient and easy way to get your kite pumped up quickly. The large one-way Airlock value quickly feeds air into all of the struts from a single location. The Airlock connection to the sprint pump now requires no special adapters.

Once inflated you can lock off each strut independently to keep your kite's rigid frame and isolate any accidental strut deflation from the rest of the kite. When the session is over the entire kite will deflate in seconds thanks to the airlock valves large dump feature.

About Naish Kiteboarding Pumps

Today Naish is a leading force in windsurfing, kiteboarding, and stand up paddling. With multiple world championship titles in each sport and tens of thousands of sails, kites, and boards under their belt, they truly live and breathe boardriding. Naish delivers premium quality boardriding products that you can depend on session after session, day after day, for years to come.

Through innovative designs and engineering, state-of-the-art production techniques and advanced materials, Naish continues to push the envelope with industry leading boardriding products year after year.

The Naish Kite Pump is the universal pump that with function all of the Naish Kites. This pump for kiteboarding kites which includes a gauge for the air pressure.