Kiteboarding Leashes


Kiteboarding Leashes

Mauri Pro offers kiteboarding leashes of various lengths for differing riding styles and personal preferences. Our selection of kiting leashes include emergency releases, with some models featuring swivels as well.

The short kiteboard leash helps give you the best chance of jumping back on your kiteboard before approaching the next wave.

The standard kiteboard leash is the perfect accessory to ensure your kite is always within arm's reach while kiting in big surf.

The long kiteboard leash allows kiteboarders to ride unhooked to perform handle passes and other advanced tricks.

Best Kiteboarding Leash

Best Kiteboarding was launched in 2003, driven by their love for kiteboarding. Best has a desire to create the best possible gear for every rider in the world. All Best Kiteboarding equipment is built to last and be easily repaired. From day one they have remained 100 % committed to delivering absolute customer satisfaction.

Best Kiteboarding remains motivated to continue to challenge the status quo. Best Kiteboarding clothing and accessories are innovative and driven by an endless obsession with kiting. 

Years of experience coupled with fresh blood in the company have enabled Best to accumulate both a wealth of knowledge and vibrant energy to deliver premium quality and innovation. You can feel confident that Best Kiteboarding leashes are the safest and highest quality of products available.

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