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About Kiteboarding Harnesses

Mauri Pro offers a wide seletion of kiteboarding harnesses to help keep you performing at your best and kiting longer. As essential part of your gear, harnesses have been thoroughly redesigned with the most innovative resources available from Best, NP and Naish.

Our kiteboard harnesses feature functional designs with an emphasis on ergonomics and represent some of the most technologically advanced harnesses the sport of kiteboarding has ever seen. The harnesses featured by Mauri Pro offer the best in comfort and control regardless of rider style, gender, size or skill level.

About Best Kiteboarding Harnesses

It just keeps on getting better and this season Best has made the perfect waist harness for any rider looking for comfort and control regardless of their preferred riding style.

To give you maximum lower back support they have crafted an all new 3D sculpted anatomic lumber support that follows the curvature of your lower vertebrae. It moves and flexes with your body providing comfort and support in equal measure.

A wrap-around, Thermoformed EVA body belt ensures there’s no hot spots on your harness and allows freedom of movement so you can express your riding style. Fastened with our dual strap closure you can adjust your spreader bar position to fully customize your harness fit.

Triple stitched and reinforced all-around the waist harness is trimmed with soft neoprene edging. The integrated spreader bar pad protects your ribcage from crash landings and an additional spreader bar strap helps keep everything locked down for riding in insanely powered conditions.

Around the back of the harness you’ll find out heavy duty handle pass leash loop and two stainless steel D-ring leash attachment points that are ready to rock with any safety leash set-up including our new Pinless Micro Leash safety system.

The waist harness is finished with a machined aluminum, double bladed, hook knife that will get you out of trouble should you ever need it.

With the 2014 waist harness, we’ve got your back.

About NP Kiteboarding Harnesses

NP makes a range of harnesses to accommodate a variety of riding styles, sizes, genders and sizes. The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop features popular models such as the Raven Kite Harness, Bomb Kite Harness, Mirage Kite Harness and Gravity Kite Harness.

The Raven kite waist harness is designed specifically with the unique demands and body shape of the female rider in mind. This women's kite harness is the most luxurious harness with a sleek design and comfortable fit with additional lumbar supports.

The Bomb kite waist harness is designed with comfort in mind to help the rider stay out longer. The Bomb harness offers comfort balanced perfectly with the freedom of movement craved by kiteboarders.

The Mirage kite waist harness is designed specifically for freestyle kiting. The Mirage harness has a unique structured contour and low-cut side panels for better maneuvering with a stylish look.

The Gravity kite seat harness is made to feel like riding naked, with ultra-light construction. The Gravity harness is unique in that it provides dynamic support to the seat and hip area. The core seat is ultra-durable and ideal for beginners and kite schools.



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