Kiteboarding Fins

Kiteboarding Fins


The Mauri Pro Kiteboarding Shop offers kiteboard fins to help complete your kiteboarding kit.

Best Kiteboarding fins provide superior traction allowing for increased forward motion. These wakestyle fins provide a hard grip with a clean release to help you achieve the best in jumping performance.

Mauri Pro offers different sizes so you can experiement with the range that best fits your wakestyle kitesurfing needs.You can experiment with different fin sizes or riding finless for wakestyle riding.

Best Kiteboard Fins

Best offers the new, cutting edge 2014 Twin Tip Fins in our kiteboard shop. All sizes are shaped from G10 fiberglass which creates the best in durabilty. The Best fins also feature corrosion resistant anodized aluminum hardware so you can feel confident in the quality and long-lasting life of your fins.

Mauri Pro offers three size fins- 25mm, 40mm and 50mm.

The small 25mm are perfect for kiteboarding in flat water territories.

The medium 40mm are perfect for lighter riders or riders with boards under 135cm in length.

The larger 50mm are designed for the average weight rider or riders with boards over 135cm in length.

Best Kiteboarding was launched in 2003, driven by their love for kiteboarding. Best has a desire to create the best possible gear for every rider in the world. All Best Kiteboarding equipment is built to last and be easily repaired. From day one they have remained 100 % committed to delivering absolute customer satisfaction.

Best Kiteboarding remains motivated to continue to challenge the status quo. Best Kiteboarding clothing and accessories are innovative and driven by an endless obsession with kiting. 

Years of experience coupled with fresh blood in the company have enabled Best to accumulate both a wealth of knowledge and vibrant energy to deliver premium quality and innovation. You can feel confident that Best Kiteboarding leashes are the safest and highest quality of products available.