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JP SUP - Sportster / Race Paddleboards Overview

With the SPORTSTER FLAT WATER, JP introduced a new board concept: A user-friendly race board, designed as the perfect vehicle for distance paddling in calm water.

For most amateur racers they will be faster than full-on race boards as they are more stable and easier to handle than race boards. Furthermore for the big guys they will work better than the RACEs due to the added stability of the wider shape. They work great in anything from really flat water to slightly choppy conditions. They feel at home on lakes, rivers and the ocean and are fantastic for core work out and fitness paddling.

Based on race board designs they come with a low displacement piercing nose which cuts through the water like a knife. As the scoop rocker line is based on the RACE concept it provides for the maximum waterline. The thin hull ensures a low standing position, which allows you to transfer all the paddling power into a forward momentum. The rounded rails are forgiving, and do not get affected by sideways chop or wind.

When JP SUP developed the new RACE ALLWATER they figured out that this board concept is fantastic for the costal environment and needed to come up with a user friendlier version by just adding the overall width. Paddling in the ocean is one of the most popular environments to take SUP boards these days not to mention the popular concept of costal downwind paddle runs.

The SPORTSTER ALL WATER‘s primary goal is to be able to take advantage of the open ocean swells. It must be easy to catch a swell while maintaining speed to stay upon them, navigating them as long as possible and connect easily to the next swell. The SPORTSTER ALL WATER has a lot more overall curve compared to its flat water sibling.

SUP racing has become very specialized and depending on the conditions you need a suitable board to achieve the desired results one is looking for. Compromise is never an option and will not get you the win. JP developed 2 sizes of the RACE FLAT WATER, the 14‘x24.5“ and the 12‘6“x25“. The RACE FLAT WATER 14‘ offers more stability due to its length – as a result, the overall width could be reduced slightly to maximize the speed of the board.

The new race boards come with a distinguishable narrower nose section. The sharp piercing nose is able to cut through the water’s surface, offering the longest possible waterline. With the use of a long water line, these RACE boards are able to produce and attain maximum speeds with every paddle stroke, thus creating a better overall and efficient board.

Another cutting edge feature of the new RACE boards is the dome deck of the nose. It adds lots of volume to the nose and allows the side winds and waves to flow over the deck radius without interfering with your paddling direction. In addition to be effective in all conditions, if the nose gets pushed under water it will pop out immediately displacing the water as it runs off instantly and the board is able to continue without being submerged.

The mid-section of the board has a sunk-in cockpit with a flat V bottom shape providing maximum stability for the rider. The scoop rocker line in this area is kept rather flat to enable the hull to maintain high speeds over a longer time. A parallel outline in the mid-section tapers down to a narrow tail. The flat scoop rocker line from the mid-section of the board increases to a reasonable tail kick. These two design features guarantee a clean water release with minimum drag. The cross section of the board has been designed that no water will stay on the deck and can run off immediately. For these new shapes, the effective design doesn‘t need drainpipes.

Utilizing all the most cutting edge features of modern day SUP racing, this is a dedicated race board which is the perfect tool for winners!

The RACE ALL WATER is the perfect tool for all kinds of competition formats which pop up around the world. Not just down wind races, also races where you have to go through breaking waves on the way out and try to surf them on the way in. The RACE ALL WATER‘s primary goal is to take advantage of the open ocean swells. It must be easy to catch a swell while maintaining speed to ride it as long as possible and to connect easily to the next swell.

The bottom curve of the board needs to fit in between the swells thus creating a constant slope which keeps the board moving at all times efficiently with speed and precision to avoid ever coming to a halt. Therefore the RACE ALL WATER has a lot more overall curve compared to its flat water sibling.

The displacement bow has been rounded off to create instant lift – if the nose does get submerged, the rounded deck quickly allows the water to run off the deck immediately and the board is able to continue gliding on the water’s surface. On the RACE ALL WATER only the very front part of the board has a sharp piercing section which punches through a swell that is too steep to glide over.

The thin profile of the board and the flat deck ensure a low standing position. This, combined with the extra width, provides immense stability. The wider tail section complements the rider’s ability to catch every swell possible. You’ll find sufficient standing area to move around and to steer the board through the surf with ease. Round rails make the boards very forgiving. They won’t catch on fast glides and turning becomes very easy.


For 2014, JP developed a new concept for displacement speed machines. Alongside the four new dedicated race shapes, they have four shapes of slightly wider race siblings – the SPORTSTERs. The SPORTSTERs can be either no-compromise full-on race boards for the bigger guys or relaxed touring shapes for the lighter SUPers.
In both, the RACE and the SPORTSTER group JP decided to create flat water and all water versions for the 12’6’’ and the 14’0” class. The RACE and SPORTSTERs feature the same respective dedicated waterlines but differ in width. The SPORTSTERs come in affordable Wood Sandwich technology as well as in full Carbon wrap technology while the RACE shapes come exclusively in the no-compromise full Carbon wrap technology.

CARBON board technology with glossy rails, matt deck and bottom
WS – Wood Sandwich technology with matt finish and glossy rails

JPPJ4D60SPT0 - JP Paddle Sportster Flat Water Carbon
Code: JPPJ4D60SPT0
Price: $2,599.00
JPPJ4D64SPT0 - JP Paddle Sportster Flat Water WS
Code: JPPJ4D64SPT0
Price: $1,999.00
JPPJ4D65SPT0 - JP Paddle Sportster All Water Carbon
Code: JPPJ4D65SPT0
Price: $2,649.00
JPPJ4D66SPT0 - JP Paddle Sportster All Water WS
Code: JPPJ4D66SPT0
Price: $2,049.00
JPPJ4D70RACE - JP Paddle Race Flat Water Carbon
Price: $2,699.00
JPPJ4D72RACE - JP Paddle Race All Water Carbon
Price: $2,799.00

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