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JP SUP - Inflatable Paddleboards Overview

Although the inflatables can be pretty fun toys, here at JP-Australia we take the infl atable SUP boards seriously. That is why we decided to work only with the best materials and give you an amazing product.

JP inflatable SUPs come in the most advanced drop-stitch construction available and are therefore considerably stiffer as well as up to 5kg/11lbs lighter than many comparable inflatable boards out there. What is the point of having a board that you can pack in a back pack if you can’t pick up that backpack afterwards?

When it comes to performance we were amazed with the GPS speed comparison test between the inflatables and their epoxy siblings as results are almost evened out.

All JP boards work great for the whole family. Soft pads cover the whole standing area making them very comfortable. Thanks to the infl atable technology you can‘t hurt yourself with the board. No matter if you might fall on them or might get hit by them when tumbled in a wave.

They all come with a towing D-ring on the bottom of the nose (except RACAIR ) which works great to tow them at low speeds – even if someone is sitting on them. CRUISAIR, SPORTSTAIR and RIVAIR also come with a deck bungee to tie things onto the board – great for a day on the water or an extended tour. They all include a backpack, pump and repair kit.

The JP inflatables are great products to consider for boat owners. They are practical, easy-care vessels needing little space. It is not only about getting to the shore and back, but they also add great value in terms of fun, fitness and discovery touring to your boat trip. Even if you choose to leave them inflated on the deck of your boat, there will be no damage to the board or the boat.

SURFAIR 9‘0“x30“x4“
Probably the lightest infl atable on the market today at only 7.5 kg / 16,5 lbs. Great fun in the waves without the risk of injuries. Some of the pro guys were amazed at how well this board handles the surf. Hassle free travelling is included with this board as you can pack it tightly into a standard suitcase.

RIVAIR 9’6″x35″x6″
You want to get the same rush SUPing on inland waters as the wave SUPers have on their ideal dream breaks in tropical destinations? A truly exciting and thrilling adventure lies ahead of you because with the RIVAIR you can go radical and hit some big foam rollers and steam down fast moving waters.

JP has been working on a dedicated white water board with experienced white water SUP riders from France, USA and Austria. It is 9‘6“x35“x6“ with a rather pointy and rockered nose to go through white water with ease. The super stable 35 inch width was agreed to be the best size among all riders involved in the development. The RIVAIR features a quad setup with four 3,0“ short soft fins (fixed) so that it can go even through really shallow water and be directional while you do not have to worry about breaking a fin. Additionally JP SUP decided to also add a central large fin (removable) so that the board can be used as a recreational big SUP. The D-ring is placed on top of the nose as a precaution that it does not catch anything through the shallows. Apart from the standard leash D-ring on the tail they added four additional D-rings with a bungee cord on deck for on-board storage.

A new board for a new thrill in SUPing! Try to exploit new territories so far exclusively reserved for the wild water kayak paddlers. The rivers lie there for you ready to be challenged – and with the necessary precaution you can feel like an ancient discoverer of new worlds.

ALLROUNDAIR 9‘8“x31“x4“
This relatively short and wide, slightly more wave oriented all-round board works well for light fl at water beginners to wave experts and light/ advanced guys on white water rivers.

ALLROUNDAIR 10‘2“x32“x4“
The super stable all-round board works in all conditions from fl at water to small surf, for every rider from beginner to expert. Experts can also take them to white water rivers.

ALLROUNDAIR 10‘2“x32“x6“
Same concept as the 4“ version with the additional thickness for a higher volume and rigidity. With the added rigidity along comes the speed. The extra volume can be useful not only for the bigger guys but also for those white water adventures.

CRUISAIR 11‘4“x30“x6“
An infl atable version of the CRUISER 11‘4“. A fast and very stable all-round cruising and touring board which can be recommended for every rider level. It is 6“ (15 cm) thick, super stiff and durable. You will be surprised how fast this board is.

CRUISAIR 12’6“x29“x6“
The bigger CRUISAIR is both longer and wider than the 11‘4“ version with the same generous 6“ thickness and great performance. The longer waterline ensures a longer glide and better overall speed. The added stability generated from the extra width and length will come in handy for those easy going tours or even fun races.

SPORTSTAIR 12’6“x29“x6“
Fairly stable and super-fast board. This great compromise between RACAIR and CRUISAIR is 6“ (15 cm) thick and very stiff. It works well in fl at water, rough conditions or for down winders.

RACAIR 12‘6“x25“x6“
As the inflatable SUPs are becoming a major part of the race scene we decided to create a dedicated RACAIR board. After the initial tests we were blown away with the results. This board performs pretty close to its carbon counterparts, but without all the transportation hassles. You never have to worry about trying to check in a 4 meter monster in order to get to your race, just roll it up in a backpack. Due to its flat bottom the stability of the 25 inch wide board is amazing. No extra D-rings or bungee cords, no gimmicks, just race.

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