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JP SUP - Fusion Paddleboards Overview

These multi-purpose SUPs have a different shape concept and are slightly more wave oriented than the JP ALLROUND boards. They are shorter, wider and have more volume. They also feature more pointy noses which gives them a modern surf board look

The boards come with a step deck which allows keeping lots of volume while still having nice thin rails. The bottom shapes of the 9‘8“ and 10‘2“ feature a single concave throughout running into a V towards the tail. Their noses create efficient lift and the rails produce good bite during turns. Quite a bit of nose rocker makes them fit well into the waves.

The 10‘8“x34“ has a slight single concave in the center of the board which runs into an increasing V towards the tail. The V in the tail helps to rail up this big and wide board when going down a wave. The sleek designs carry the volume and width in all the right places for a stable paddle platform.

Compared to the JP ALLROUNDs as well as to most other all-round boards they are a more wave oriented and therefore have slightly less directional stability. The FUSIONs are really easy to ride and turn and they work in any kind of conditions.

They work for any level of SUPer from beginners to flat water cruisers as well as for first time wave riders and wave experts. The Wood Sandwich Gloss and Wood Sandwich come with a thruster setup and FCS nose plugs for your GoPro camera. The AST models come as single fin versions. The Soft Deck version comes with a plastic fin thruster setup.

All three are all-round boards which work great in flat water and small to medium waves.
The ALLROUNDs are the fastest boards in a straight line because of their directional stability.
The WIDE BODYs are the most stable boards, because of their width and are therefore the best boards for beginners in flat water and waves.
The FUSIONs are the most wave oriented out of the three.

WS GL – Wood Sandwich technology with glossy finish
WS – Wood Sandwich technology with matt finish and glossy rails
AST – AST sandwich technology
SD – Soft Deck technology

JPPJ4D22FUS0M - JP Paddle Fusion AST
Price: $1,098.51
JPPJ4D24FUS0M32TX2 - JP Paddle Fusion SOFT DECK  10'2" x 32"
Code: JPPJ4D24FUS0M32TX2
Price: $1,099.00
JPPJ4D20FUS0M - JP Paddle Fusion WS
Price: $1,499.00
JPPJ4D18FUS0M - JP Paddle Fusion WS GLOSS
Price: $1,749.00

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