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Hayn Replacement Rigging Pins

Hayn Marine

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Rigging pins take the place of clevis pins where odd sizes are required.

Rigging Pins Specifications
Dia. Grip L 1/4 in Product No. 5/16 in Product No. 3/8 in Product No. 7/16 in Product No. 1/2 in Product No. 5/8 in Product No. 3/4 in Product No.
3/4 in RP1434 RP51634 RP3834 RP71634 -- -- --
7/8 in RP1478 RP51678 RP3878 RP71678 -- -- --
1.0 in RP141 RP5161 RP381 RP7161 RP121 RP581 RP341
1-1/8 in RP14118 RP516118 RP38118 RP716118 RP12118 RP58118 --
1-1/4 in RP14114 RP516114 RP38114 RP716114 RP12114 RP58114 RP34114
1-1/2 in RP14112 RP516112 RP38112 RP716112 RP12112 RP58112 RP34112
1-3/4 in RP14134 RP516134 RP38134 RP716134 RP12134 RP58134 --
2.0 in RP142 RP5162 RP382 RP7162 RP122 RP582 RP342
2-1/4 in RP14214 RP516214 RP38214 RP716214 RP12214 RP58214 RP34214
2-1/2 in RP14212 RP516212 RP38212 RP716212 RP12212 RP58212 RP34212
3-1/2 in RP14312 RP516312 RP38312 RP716312 RP12312 RP58312 RP34312
6-1/2 in -- -- -- -- RP12612 RP58612 --

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