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Harken Mainsheet Two-Speed System

Harken gross-trim/fine-tune mainsheet systems are easy to install and use. These optimized systems decrease overall line clutter because they use less line than traditional gross-trim/fine-tune systems. For fast trimming, pull both tails of the mainsheet. To fine-tune or to trim using a higher purchase, pull a single tail.

Two-speed mainsheet systems come in three configurations for boats from 22 ft to 39 ft (6.5 m to 11.8 m), with mains as large as 350 ft2 (32.4 m2).
HAR332 - Harken Two-Speed Mainsheet Self-Contained System 3:1/6:1
Code: HAR332
Original Price: $690.85
Price: $608.00
(You Save: $82.85)
HAR383 - Harken Two-Speed Mainsheet Self-Contained System 4:1/8:1
Code: HAR383
Original Price: $715.00
Price: $629.00
(You Save: $86.00)
HAR385 - Harken Two-Speed Double Fiddle Mainsheet System
Code: HAR385
Original Price: $216.90
Price: $190.90
(You Save: $26.00)
HAR386 - Harken Two-Speed Double Fiddle Mainsheet System w/ Ratchet, Cross Block, and 412 Cam-Matic
Code: HAR386
Original Price: $498.00
Price: $438.00
(You Save: $60.00)
HAR400 - Harken Two-Speed Double Mainsheet System w/ Cross Block
Code: HAR400
Original Price: $277.50
Price: $244.20
(You Save: $33.30)
HAR401 - Harken Two-Speed Double Ratchet Mainsheet System w/ Fiddle and 412 Cam-Matic
Code: HAR401
Original Price: $445.60
Price: $392.10
(You Save: $53.50)

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