Harken System AA Battcar Mounts & Endstop Kits


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Harken Mainsail Handling Battcar System AA Mounting & Endstop Kits

A Harken AA Battcar System along with full-length battens helps raise, douse, and reef with ease and acts as extra crew if you’re sailing shorthanded. Battcar systems outperform in-mast or in-boom furling, cost less, and you don’t need to recut your sail. Track is extruded from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and hardcoat-anodized for a hard, long-lasting surface. 3817 track mounts to mast using a unique slug system that allows mast-up installation.

For masts without internal sail track, attach 2707 Micro traveler track by drilling and tapping the spar. Join track sections with splice links. Order one per track joint. Order one low-beam endstop (sold in pairs). See chart below.

Harken AA Battcar System Mounting Kit slugs are available for flat or round mast grooves. Order one kit per track section.

Use screwpin endstops to easily remove cars and mainsail. Order one kit.