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Harken Stay Tensioner

The Harken Stay Tensioners are reliable mechanical adjusters that are easy to install and simple to use. Harken Tensioners are made of polished stainless steel and chromed bronze, and feature bronze worm gears and thread drives to prevent galling under load. Moving components are mounted on greased roller bearings for easy adjustment.

HARB1722 - Harken Large Stay Tensioner w/ Handles
Code: HARB1722
Original Price: $1,402.50
Price: $1,144.00
HARB500 - Harken Small Stay Tensioners (14 mm Pin)
Code: HARB500
Original Price: $1,860.30
Price: $1,518.00
HARB501 - Harken Large Stay Tensioners (16 mm Pin)
Code: HARB501
Original Price: $3,017.05
Price: $2,462.00
HARB502 - Harken Small Stay Tensioners (16 mm Pin)
Code: HARB502
Original Price: $1,860.30
Price: $1,518.00
HARB503 - Harken Large Stay Tensioner (19 mm Pin)
Code: HARB503
Original Price: $3,017.05
Price: $2,462.00

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