Harken Standard Cam Cleat Kits


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Harken Standard Cam Cleats

Harken Standard Cam Cleats hold lines securely and release instantly under load. With a downward flick of the wrist, the sheet snaps into the cam—and stays exactly where you want it. Pull up, and the cleat immediately releases. Smooth teeth grip line of all sizes including the smalldiameter hard line preferred by racers.

Long-Lasting Protection - Harken Ball bearings and Carbo-Cams UV-stabilized with carbon-black additive for maximum protection
Ball Bearing Cams - Multiple rows of high-load ball bearings reduce friction so cams open easily.
Accessories - Wire fairleads maintain a low profile while holding the line clsoe to the cleat. The X-Treme Angle Fiarlead allows releasing and recleating at angles up to 90 degrees to the cleat. The Stainless Steel loop provides the Harken Standard Cam Cleats with a low-friction turning post.

Lightweight fiber-reinforced Carbo-Cams for racing where weight is critical, or where adjustments are less frequent. Available in standard sizes.

Choose the kit that best fits the needs of your boat with accessories including a wedge or fairleads.