Harken Women's Footwear

Harken Sport

Hydroflux Shoes - Radial traction zones have a full 360 siping pattern, giving each kay area of the foot independent traction. Harken's one-way drainage system sends water out at nine seperate points - but won't let it come in. A tough exterior with a mesh interior with unique heel ports for even faster drying. Active arch support provides comfort and reduces strain. The molded heel cup acts as a shock absorber. Safety. Comfor. Protection. With Hydroflux, you've got it all.

Antigua Flip Flops - A flip flop with enough grip for light work on a wet deck yet perfectly suited for everyday wear? A flip flop with othotic-quality support from heeel to toe? Take it off your wish list and put Antigua on your feet. Radial Traction Zones give you grip. Stability Track controls ankle and foot rotation while providing increased deck contact. Antibacterial footbed prevents odor. Padded straps prevent chafing and the rubber toe cap shields against stubbed toes. This is one great-looking, hard-working pair of flip flops.