Harken Men's Footwear

Harken Sport

Hydroflux Shoes - Radial traction zones have a full 360 siping pattern, giving each kay area of the foot independent traction. Harken's one-way drainage system sends water out at nine seperate points - but won't let it come in. A tough exterior with a mesh interior with unique heel ports for even faster drying. Active arch support provides comfort and reduces strain. The molded heel cup acts as a shock absorber. Safety. Comfor. Protection. With Hydroflux, you've got it all.

Vortex Shoes - Topside, this is obviously a great-looking, quick drying, mesh deck shoe. It's what you don't see that would know your socks off, if you were wearing any. Inside, all day arch support and metatarsal support, and a shock-absorbing heel, plus an oder-preventing footbed. Down under, the sole of Vortex, with our 360 deck-gripping Radial Traction, one-way drainage system, and Stability Track to control ankle and foot rotation.

Classic Leather Shoes - Harken took traditional styling and infused it with their one-way drainage system, active arch support, shock-absorbing midsole, and radial tread pattern for grip in all directions. It's waterproof genuine leather on the outside, quick-drying on the inside, with a silver woven footbed to kill odor-causing bacteria. A timeless classic just took a giant step into the future.