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Harken Winches Performa Plain Top

Harken Plain Top PerformaWinches are for racers and racer/cruisers using high-tech line who don't wish to invest in a carbon winch, or who need winches in smaller sizes. The Performa design combines the efficiency of Harken Radial winches with the sandblasted grip of its Carbon Fiber racing line for a powerful hybrid that lets crew to trim and ease sails quickly and repeatedly as wind strength and directions change. Use plain-top winches on sportboats where sails require frequent trimming. Plain-top winches are best handled by two crew—one to trim and one to tail the line.

Sandblasted Grip. Performa winches featrure sandblasted drums with diagonal ribs optimized for halyard and sheeting applications using high-tech line.

Composite Bearings. Snap-fit design keeps bearings captive in a high-strength Delrin cage when drum is removed for maintenance. Composite roller and thrust bearings don't require lubrication.

Performa winches are available in sizes 40 to 60 to complement Harken's Carbon Fiber line.
HAR402PTP - Harken Winch: Performa Plain Top Size 40 Two Speed
Code: HAR402PTP
Original Price: $1,519.00
Price: $1,215.20
HAR462PTP - Harken Winch: Performa Plain Top Size 46 Two Speed
Code: HAR462PTP
Original Price: $2,082.00
Price: $1,665.60
HAR502PTP - Harken Winch: Performa Plain Top Size 50 Two Speed
Code: HAR502PTP
Original Price: $3,616.00
Price: $2,892.80
HAR202PTP - Harken Winch: Performa Plain Top Size 20 Two Speed
Code: HAR202PTP
Original Price: $832.00
Price: $665.60
HAR352PTP - Harken Winch: Performa Plain Top Size 35 Two Speed
Code: HAR352PTP
Original Price: $1,252.00
Price: $1,001.60

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