Harken Pedestal Systems



Harken Pedestals - Racing

Harken Racing Pedestals allow crew members to trim from powerful standing positions. Customized to meet each yacht’s requirements, these pedestal systems can be linked together, allowing crew to work in tandem to produce more power for faster, more efficient maneuvers.

Belt-Drive Pedestals
Harken belt-drive pedestals are molded from carbon fiber and epoxy. Prepreg lamination and autoclave curing maximize stiffness and strength. Components are made of hardcoat-anodized aluminum and 17-4PH stainless steel. Roller bearings, thermoplastic belt sprockets, and carbon-fiber reinforced drive belts result in the lowest possible weight.

Below-deck, belt-drive pedestals are also offered in above deck/middrive styles. These pedestals can be removed and winches converted to manual operation to make more room in the cockpit during a long-distance race or cruise.

MX Pedestals
Harken’s MX carbon pedestals drive winches on small Grand-Prix racers like GP42s, GP52s and Open 60s. The patented overdrive system features two chains inside the pedestal, eliminating the weight of an external overdrive box. Two drive sprockets allow trimmers to select the gear ratio, switching between the 1:1 direct-drive and the fast 1:3 drive chain without reversing grinding directions.