Harken MKIV Genoa Furling Units


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Harken Jib Reefing & Furling Systems

Harken MKIV Genoa Furling Systems are strong, lightweight and aerodynamic, with the performance and features Harken® is known for. Longevity, ease of use, and simplicity of installation are crucial components of the design. These free-rolling furlers make all the difference in headsail control by allowing racers and cruisers to quickly furl and reef from the safety of the cockpit, while maintaining great sail shape and optimal speed.

Easy Reefing and Furling: Multiple rows of large-diameter Torlon® ball bearings used in high-load areas to minimize friction for easy reefing and furling; require no lubrication or isolating seals.

More Furling Power: Large inner spool diameter increases mechanical advantage for powerful reefing and furling. Smaller outside dimension allows unit to fit narrow bows or below deck. Unit rotates around rod or wire headstay so furling bearings do not carry the headstay load for easy furling.

Long-Lasting Protective Finish: Aluminum line guard, torque tube, and swivels are deepsaturation hardcoat-anodized for no-fade UV-stabilization, strength, and durability. The hardcoat-anodized line guard is urethane-coated for additional corrosion protection. Specially formulated low-stretch black line is abrasionand UV-resistant; standard on units 0, 1, and 2.


1. Halyard Swivel Turns Freely - Strong, lightweight halyard swivel reduces windage and weight aloft to minimize pitching and heeling. Stacked bearing races evenly distribute radial and thrust loads to ball bearings; foils turn freely under halyard loads. Independent halyard and tack swivels furl sail center before head and tack for improved sail shape and upwind pointing.

2. Strong Foil Joints - Tough triple-interlock foil joints withstand years of torque loading. Connector’s geometric shape interlocks to foil and secures with a syringe-injected adhesive into an engineered channel. Screws provide final lock.

3. Easy to Assemble Foils - C-shaped open connectors with low-friction plastic isolators slip onto the headstay wire and into foil for easy installation.

4. Drum Installs Over Existing Turnbuckle - Units are adaptable to a variety of rigging options for easy installation. Harken toggle assembly accepts standard turnbuckle using swage, rod, Norseman®, or Sta-Lok® terminals. Toggle flips for fork or tang chainplate installation. A single stainless steel clevis pin provides access to the turnbuckle for adjustment.

5. Stainless Steel Feeder - Stainless steel feeder allows fast singlehanded hoist and quick sail changes.

6. Removable Split Drum - Line guard and spool come off easily for racing.

7. Double Foil Grooves for Racing - Aerodynamic aluminum Air Foils® handle extreme reefing loads. Double foil grooves allow fast hoists, douses, and sail changes.