Harken 1 Point Hoisters for Bicycles & Utility

Harken Hoister

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Harken Hoisters lift evenly from one, two or four points. Choose your system based on the shape and weight of the items you want to store. The Harken Hoisters use an ingenious cleating system that automatically locks when you release the rope. No need to tie off the line and no dropping your load. Harken Hoisters are designed for one person operation. You can raise and lower the load evenly, regardless of the way the the weight is distributed.Harken Hoister's patented desing takes the frustration and guesswork out of at-home storage purchase systems.
Harken Hoisters employ Harken microblocks and purpose made cleats and blocks to make a simple, convienent pre-packaged product. Harken Hoisters are not only great for freeing up space in garages, they are also frequently used in boat houses as a convient way to store kayaks, SUP boards and other water toys.

Harken Hoisters for Canoes & Kayaks
You can easily use the Harken Hoister to store any type of small boat as high as 16'. Canoe's, kayaks paddle boards and optis are all easily raised to your roof using a Harken Hoister lifting system. The block and tackle system makes it easy to lift your boat, even loaded with gear. And the patented design lifts your load evenly, no matter how the weight is distributed.Using the patented Harken design, the load is lifted evenly, regardless of weight distribution.

Harken Hoister Garage

Harken Hoisters for Jeeps & Trucks
Remove and store the hard top for your Jeep, Truck, Blazer or Bronco using this revolutionary hoisting system. No more need to call a friend when you want to enjoy the wind in your hair. Simply hook the Harken Hoister up, lift your top off and lock it into position. When you return its as easy as lowering with the controlled release allowed by the Hoister. Use your convertable hard top truck more often withouse straining your back or bothering your friends thanks to the Harken Hoister system.

Bike Lift Hoisters
The simplest of the Harken Hoisters, use the Bike Hoister to easily lift bikes and other small items. Using this convient and affordable one point lift you can lift your bicycles and make more room in your garage.

Hoister Storage Systems
Take back your garage using a Harken Hoister system. There’s a Harken hoister to get everything up and out of the way – bikes, boats, ladders, deck furniture, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, jeep tops, truck caps, rooftop carriers, you name it you can lift it. We’ve got hoisters to lift loads from 45 to 200 lbs. Easy to install, easy to use.

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