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Harken Furling Accessories


Harken Carbo Lead Blocks Assemblies

Carbo Lead Blocks Assemblies
are available for safe furling from the cockpit. The HAR 7404 kit's lightweight, UV stabalized Carbo blocks run exclusively on ball bearings for fast trimming under any load. A HAR 7202 ratchet maintains tension when spooling so the unit can furl smoothly and easily. The HAR 7403 outboard assembly allows furling line to travel outboard of the stanchion to keep the sidedeck clear. Block mounts with a strong four-screw clamp without removing the stanchions or lifelines. Use the HAR 7401 on the bow pulpit as an inboard lead. Use the HAR 7405 as an inboard lead for two lines, useful for continuous line furlers or cutter rigged boats with the two furlers. The Carbo Lead Blocks have ball-and-socket bases to align blocks for smooth leads aft. The HAR 7404 lead block kit provides a complete system for most boats.

Stanchion Mount Bases for carbo and Classic blocks lead furling line inside the stanchion.

Halryard Restrainers keeps the halyard against the mast. This provides a better angle to the halyard swivel and prevents it from wrapping around the foil. Stainless steel brackets feature hardcoat-annodized alluminum sheaves that accommodate both wire and rope.

Halyard Deflectors prevent the jib halyard and other halyards from wrapping around the foil.

Prefeeders and Snap Shackles facilitate fast sail changes. The HAR 7006 prefeeder features hardcoat-annodized rollers with low-friction bushings.

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HAR061 - Harken Stanchion Mount Stand-Up Base
Code: HAR061
Original Price: $30.85
Price: $27.15
HAR448 - Harken Fixed Furling Line Lead Block
Code: HAR448
Original Price: $27.50
Price: $24.20
HAR884 - Harken Small Snap Shackle for Tack / Head
Code: HAR884
Original Price: $90.30
Price: $72.24
HAR885 - Harken Large Snap Shackle for Tack / Head
Code: HAR885
Original Price: $96.30
Price: $77.04
HAR944 - Harken Small Halyard Restrainer
Code: HAR944
Original Price: $72.35
Price: $57.88
HAR945 - Harken Large Halyard Restrainer
Code: HAR945
Original Price: $94.50
Price: $75.60
HAR7301 - Harken ESP Unit 0 Furling Halyard Deflector
Code: HAR7301
Original Price: $45.00
Price: $36.00
HAR7302 - Harken ESP Unit 1 Furling Halyard Deflector
Code: HAR7302
Original Price: $55.00
Price: $44.00
HAR7303 - Harken ESP Unit 2 Furling Halyard Deflector
Code: HAR7303
Original Price: $65.00
Price: $52.00
HAR7304 - Harken ESP Unit 3 Halyard Deflector
Code: HAR7304
Original Price: $75.00
Price: $60.00
HAR947 - Harken Prefeeder
Code: HAR947
Original Price: $19.35
Price: $15.48
HAR7006 - Harken Replacement Prefeeder for Carbo Racing Foil
Code: HAR7006
Original Price: $71.75
Price: $57.40
HAR7401 - Harken 40 mm Carbo Block Stanchion Lead Block Assembly
Code: HAR7401
Original Price: $49.50
Price: $39.60
HAR7402 - Harken 57 mm Carbo Ratchet Block Stanchion Lead Block Assembly
Code: HAR7402
Original Price: $92.00
Price: $73.60
HAR7403 - Harken 29 mm Outboard Stanchion Lead Block Assembly
Code: HAR7403
Original Price: $47.00
Price: $37.60
HAR7404 - Harken Lead Block Kit: 3 x 7403 / 1 x 7402 / 1 x 7401 / 1 cleat
Code: HAR7404
Original Price: $302.00
Price: $241.60
HAR7405 - Harken 40mm Carbo Stanchion Mount Double Lead
Code: HAR7405
Original Price: $78.00
Price: $62.40
HAR7430 - Harken Powered Furling Crank Handle
Code: HAR7430
Original Price: $65.30
Price: $57.46
HAR7431 - Harken Powered Furling Drill Adapter
Code: HAR7431
Original Price: $29.05
Price: $25.56
HARHFG126 - Harken Toggle adaptor Kit reduces Clevis from 1/2 in. to 3/8 in. MKIII
Code: HARHFG126
Price: $68.32
HARHFG130 - Harken Toggle adaptor Kit reduces Clevis from 5/8 in. to 1/2 in. MKIII
Code: HARHFG130
Price: $74.91

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