Harken Dinghy Pinstop Jib Lead Sliders


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Harken Dinghy Pin Stop Jib Lead

Harken Dinghy Pinstop Jib Leads are easy-to-adjust cars that combine a spring-loaded pinstop with precise track spacing. Use on dinghies and small sport boats with jibs up to 140 ft2 (13 m2). Cars are built of tough 6061-T6 aluminum that is Hard Lube-anodized for durability. Track is hardcoat-anodized.

The 450 pinstop jib lead has a removable bail to attach a spring and block. The flexible, lightweight, lashing attachment allows the block to articulate freely on the 450 Harken Dinghy Pinstop Lead Car. The 452 bullseye lead has a controlled pivot angle so the cleat is always within easy reach. Use 451 bullseye cars when line deflection is small.