Harken 75 mm AirBlocksHarken

Harken Black Magic AirBlocks

The entire line of Harken 75 mm Black Magic Airblocks has been redesigned with a sleek new look. Their unique, performance-packaged engineering remains exactly the same.

Used on offshore boats, these strong, lightweight locks feature Torlon roller bearings for strength and reduced wear. Rollers are housed in a center cage and stay parallel for low-friction efficiency. Sculpted hardcoat-anodized aluminum sideplates protect sideload ball bearings. Dissimilar metals are isolated to minimize corrosion.

Like all Harken 75 mm Black Magic AirBlocks, the three-way head swivels/locks in front/side positions. Blocks are easily disassembled with a single hex wrench.

The 3230 soft-attachment Loop block has a removable dead-end post for attachment to a padeye. Lashings can also be used.

Use for:
Running backstays
Control lines
HAR3242 - Harken 75mm Spriddle Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3242
Original Price: $824.00
Price: $725.12
HAR3231 - Harken 75mm Block
Code: HAR3231
Original Price: $441.00
Price: $388.08
HAR3232 - Harken 75mm Block w/Becket
Code: HAR3232
Original Price: $498.25
Price: $438.46
HAR1971 - Harken 75 mm Black Magic Double Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR1971
Original Price: $810.65
Price: $597.00
HAR3233 - Harken 75mm Double Block
Code: HAR3233
Original Price: $826.85
Price: $727.63
HAR1974 - Harken 75 mm Stand-Up Block
Code: HAR1974
Original Price: $597.65
Price: $440.00
HAR3244 - Harken 75m Standup Block
Code: HAR3244
Original Price: $609.60
Price: $536.45
HAR1975 - Harken 75 mm Black Magic Spriddle Block
Code: HAR1975
Original Price: $740.80
Price: $545.00
HAR3241 - Harken 75mm Spriddle Block
Code: HAR3241
Original Price: $755.60
Price: $664.93
HAR3088 - Harken 75 mm Black Magic Straphead Spriddle Block
Code: HAR3088
Original Price: $740.70
Price: $640.00
HAR3090 - Harken 75 mm Black Magic Low-Load Single Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR3090
Original Price: $362.30
Price: $266.70
HAR3243 - Harken 75mm Low Load Block
Code: HAR3243
Original Price: $369.55
Price: $325.20
HAR3095 - Harken 75 mm Black Magic Straphead Double Block
Code: HAR3095
Original Price: $739.15
Price: $544.00
HAR3196 - Harken 75 mm Black Magic Single Loop Block
Code: HAR3196
Original Price: $383.40
Price: $282.20
HAR3230 - Harken 75mm Loop Block
Code: HAR3230
Original Price: $391.05
Price: $344.12

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