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Gill Trousers & Salopettes



Gill OC Racer Trousers

The Ocean Racer line from Gill has been tested for the equivalent of 10 times around the world to ensure is provides the best protection of any gear they have ever made. The OC Racer Trousers feature 5 Dot™ waterproof and breathable 3-layer fabric, fully taped seams, and next generation SuperFabric protection zones to protect against wear and tear from the toughest of surfaces.

Gill OS1 Trousers
An ocean crossing can be an unpredictable even, so the Gill OS1 Trousers have been built to withstand the worst conditions imaginable, just in case the worst happens. These trousers are tough, totally weatherproof and perfectly at home on any ocean crossing. The 5 Dot™ 3-layer shell fabric is ruggedly durable, weatherproof and highly breathable, making them perfect for extended use.

Gill KB1 Keelboat Racing TrousersGill OS2 Trousers
A versatile performer capable of standing up to the toughest offshore and coastal conditions while keeping you dry and comfortable. The new OS2 Gill Trousers are made from Gill's hydrophobic, laminated moisture-management fabric that's 100% waterproof and windproof, also featuring a hydrophilic coated layer that transports moisture away from the skin. These trousers feature durable 3 Dot laminated fabric, creating an incredibly waterproof, windproof and breathable protective shell. These trousers are everything offshore coastal pants need to be.

Gill KB1 Keelboat Racer Trouser
These salopettes provide next generation waterproof protection for the performance keel boat racer. Designed for those needing trustworthy wet weather protection without excess weight, Gill's new 4 Dot™ 3-layer fabric is the perfect blend of waterproof barrier, breathable comfort and durability. These salopettes feature SuperStretch comfort back panel, reinforced seat and knees, an internal fly for convenience, and retractable ankle adjusters designed to work with boots or performance sailing shoes.

Gill Pro Salopettes
These Pro Salopettes from Gill have been designed with a high-fit chest and back for greater protection from wind and water. Abrasion-resistant reinforcement fabric on the seat and knees protect the salopettes from abrasion against the deck. The hem is shaped to prevent it being caught when hiking out. These salopettes feature 2 Dot™ 2 layer breathable and water repellent laminated fabric, fully taped seams, and low noise soft touch fabric.

Gill Coast Trousers
The Coast Trouser from Gill is an accomplished coastal/inshore waterproof. Made from a waterproof and breathable 2 Dot™ fabric, these trousers offer excellent weather protection and all-round performance. These trousers feature a fully seam sealed construction, reinforced seat and knees, drainage facility and stretch suspenders for a comfortable fit.

Gill Inshore Lite Trousers
The Inshore Lite by Gill are a great lightweight trouser and complement both the Inshore Lite and Inshore Warm Jackets. They are made from a 2 Dot™ 2 layer fully taped and laminated fabric which provides excellent breathability and durability.

Gill i5 Crosswind Salopettes
The i5 Crosswind Salopettes from Gill are a truly versatile performer. Benefiting from thermal insulation properties and being fully taped and waterproof. these salopettes can be worn as either a mid layer or an outer layer in light conditions. The Crosswind Salopettes are constructed from a 2 Dot™ waterproof and breathable laminated fabric.

GILIN31T - Gill IN3 Inshore Lite Trousers
Code: GILIN31T
Original Price: $90.00
Price: $76.49
GILRC025 - Gill Race Sailing Trouser
Code: GILRC025
Original Price: $120.00
Price: $99.00
GIL4364W - Gill Women's Pro Salopettes
Code: GIL4364W
Original Price: $135.00
Price: $109.00
GIL4364 - Gill Pro Salopettes
Code: GIL4364
Original Price: $135.00
Price: $109.00
GIL4362 - Gill Waterproof Sailing Trousers
    Code: GIL4362
    Original Price: $139.00
    Price: $119.00
    GILIN12T - Gill IN12 Coast Trousers
      Code: GILIN12T
      Original Price: $159.00
      Price: $139.00
      GILIN12TW - Gill Women's Coast Trousers
      Code: GILIN12TW
      Original Price: $159.00
      Price: $139.00
      GILIN12TJ - Gill Junior Coast Trousers
      Code: GILIN12TJ
      Original Price: $85.00
      Price: $72.29
      GIL1517 - Gill i5 Crosswind Salopettes
      Code: GIL1517
      Original Price: $189.00
      Price: $159.00
      GILOS22T - Gill OS2 Trousers
      Code: GILOS22T
      Original Price: $225.00
      Price: $189.00
      GILOS22TW - Gill OS2 Women's Trousers
      Code: GILOS22TW
      Original Price: $229.00
      Price: $189.00
      GILKB12T - Gill KB1 Keelboat Racer Trouser
        Code: GILKB12T
        Original Price: $325.00
        Price: $279.00
        GILOS11T - Gill OS1 Trousers
        Code: GILOS11T
        Original Price: $399.00
        Price: $339.00
        GILOS11TW - Gill Women's OS1 Trousers
        Code: GILOS11TW
        Original Price: $399.00
        Price: $339.00
        GILOC11T - Gill OC Racer Trouser
        Code: GILOC11T
        Original Price: $595.00
        Price: $509.00

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