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Gill Layering i2 Thermals
The i2 Base layer from Gill is made using Activated Carbon derived from bamboo and can be worn alone as a cooling technical layer or under a shell for thermal insulation. Activated bamboo charcoal is naturally and permanently anti-bacterial. It has an extraordinary micro structure that is highly porous and creates a highly absorbent capacity after carbonization, and becomes even more effective after activation

GIL1266 - Gill i2 Long Sleeve Tee
Code: GIL1266
Price: $65.00
GIL1267 - Gill i2 Leggings
Code: GIL1267
Price: $65.00
GIL1275 - Gill Womens i2 Long Sleeve Tee
Code: GIL1275
Price: $65.00
GIL1276 - Gill Womens i2 Leggings
Code: GIL1276
Price: $65.00

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