Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards for Fishing



Fishing from a stand up paddleboard is becoming increasingly popular on both freshwater and saltwater. Paddleboards for fishing are generally among the largest paddleboards available. They frequently have increased storage capacity and have plenty of room to carry a paddler and a cooler to keep the catch of the day in.

A popular set up used by stand up paddle fisherman is to have a cooler strapped to the paddleboard that can be used as a seat while fishing.

About SUP ATX Fishing Paddleboards
The SUP ATX Navigator paddleboard is equipped with a displacement hull for superior glide and additional volume to accommodate up to 400 lbs. on deck. These attributes combine to make the Navigator the most versatile board in the SUP ATX lineup and one of the best fishing paddle boards on the market. The SUP ATX navigator features connex SUP and a patented LIFTSUP handle. at 12'6" in length and 28 inches wide, it has plenty of room for all of your fishing gear.

About Imagine Fishing Paddleboards
The Imagine Wizard plasitic SUP board is designed to be the Swiss Army Knife of Paddleboards. The Imagine Wizard Paddleboard is designed to be the ultimate all purpose plastic SUP Board. From simple evening paddles after work, to multi day expedition paddles down the coast, exploring bays and estuaries, this SUP has you covered.The wizard is wide stable and forgiving. Two hatches for gear storage, deck bungees, cargo bay, flip up seat and foot rests, paddle holder, four handles and snap in race fin make this the most versatile board on the market.

The Imagine Wizard has two storage hatches and an incredibly versatile deck with a lot of handles, bungees and attatchment points, making it an excellent SUP board to use as a fishing and touring platform.

The Imagine Compressor Angler inflatable stand up paddleboard is will truly allow you to explore pristine lakes and rivers and get your fish on! It features front and rear gear bungees, a towing eye and center, side, nose and tail handles. The compressor angler features a lever kick-up rear skeg for shallow water paddling amd a eash d-ring. Multiple strategically placed rail d-rings allow for multiple gear set up like cool boxes or fishing crate. 3 fishing rod mounting blocks are already installed, making it fish readty. The Compressor andgler has a full deck pad for comfort. A final touch, the storage bag has comfy backpack straps as well as wheelies to allow you to pull it through the airport or down the pavement on your next SUPventure.

About the Red Paddle Explorer Paddleboard
The Red Paddle Co Explorer is an amazing destination paddle board that is great for use as an inflatable fishing board. The Red Paddle Explorer Paddleboard is designed to be paddled by those who want to know what is around the next bend in the river.No need to leave cars at each end of your trip, just jump on a train, bus or taxi to get home.The new carry bag is so comfortable you could even walk home.Multiple cargo tie-down sections allow for a large quantity of gear to be carried on the nose and tail.The Explorer is also an amazing platform for fishing with loads of space on the deck to stash the catch of the day.

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