Facnor Spinnaker Top-Down FurlersFacnor


The Facnor Spinnaker Top Down Furler allows the furling of a Spinnakers from the cockpit by pulling the bottom furling line. The anti-twist rope rotates up to the top end which begins the furl from the top-down. Unlike the Gennaker (Code Zero), the torque rope is not captive from the luff tape. The drum continuous furling line prevents from overriding and can be left fitted on deck or easily removed. Therefore, the furled sail is quickly ready to be used.

Package Code Included Parts
FACTD1500 FACFX1500 , FAC0266 , Sailmaker Thimble
FACTD2500 FACFX2500 , FAC0267 , FAC0264
FACTD4500 FACFX4500 , FAC0268 , FAC0265
FACTD7000 FACFX7000 , FAC0269 , FAC0263

FACTD1500 - Facnor 1500 Spinnaker Top-Down Furler (max. sail area 590 ft.)
Code: FACTD1500
Price: $1,258.00
FACTD2500 - Facnor 2500 Spinnaker Top-Down Furler (max. sail area 861 ft.)
Code: FACTD2500
Original Price: $2,586.00
Price: $1,847.00
(You Save: $739.00)
FACTD4500 - Facnor 4500 Spinnaker Top-Down Furler (max. sail area 1500 ft.)
Code: FACTD4500
Original Price: $4,451.47
Price: $3,362.00
(You Save: $1,089.47)
FACTD7000 - Facnor 7000 Spinnaker Top-Down Furler (max. sail area 2690 ft.)
Code: FACTD7000
Original Price: $7,098.99
Price: $5,251.00
(You Save: $1,847.99)

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