Edson Stainless Destroyer Wheels

Edson Stainless Destroyer Wheels

The classic Edson Destroyerâ„¢ Wheel will add distinction and value to any boat. Available in sizes ranging from 18" (457mm) to 60" (1520mm), they feature an attractive dished shape and tapered hollow spokes. Elegant yet strong, these wheels have a timeless appearance that will look great on any style of sailboat. The "D" shaped rim is comfortable in your hands.

Edson Destroyer Wheels are available with either a 1" straight hub or a 1" tapered hub, both precision machined to ensure an exact fit to your steering shaft. (Wheel may be shown with optional Wheel Nut which must be ordered separately.)


  • Attractive dished-shape and newly styled hub.
  • 1" (25mm) D-shaped rim for easy grip.
  • Tapered hollow spokes.
  • Wheel sizes from 18" (46cm) to 40" (102cm) feature 5 spokes.
  • Wheel sizes from 44" (111.8cm) to 60" (152cm) feature 7 spokes.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available with 1" Tapered or 1" Straight Hub.

Product No.
(Straight Hub)
Product No.
(Tapered Hub)
Wheel Size Weight
645ST-18-5 647ST-18-5 45.7cm
(18 in)
(5.3 lbs)
645ST-20-5 647ST-20-5 50.8cm
(20 in)
(5.5 lbs)
645ST-22-5 647ST-22-5 55.8cm
(22 in)
(5.6 lbs)
645ST-24-5 647ST-24-5 60.9cm
(24 in)
(5.8 lbs)
645ST-26-5 647ST-26-5 66cm
(26 in)
(6.2 lbs)
645ST-28-5 647ST-28-5 71.1cm
(28 in)
(6.8 lbs)
645ST-30-5 647ST-30-5 76.2cm
(30 in)
(7 lbs)
645ST-32-5 647ST-32-5 81.2cm
(32 in)
(7.5 lbs)
645ST-36-5 647ST-36-5 91.4 cm
(36 in)
(8.5 lbs)
645ST-40-5 647ST-40-5 103 cm
(40 in)
4.1 kg
(9 lbs)
645ST-44-7 647ST-44-7 112 cm
(44 in)
4.3 kg
(9.5 lbs)
645ST-48-7 647ST-48-7 121 cm
(48 in)
4.5 kg
(9.9 lbs)
645ST-54-7 647ST-54-7 137 cm
(54 in)
(11 lbs)
645ST-60-7 647ST-60-7 152 cm
(60 in)
5.7 kg
(12.6 lbs)